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Five Little Things; A brain dump of all my thoughts - what's been happening lately, personal post

I only started this series a week ago and here I am, already writing post no.2; clearly it's exactly what I needed, somewhere to expel everything inside my head, to express my worries, share my thoughts and generally have a good old natter about what's currently going on in life. Thankfully, the majority of concerns I had in the last Five Little Things appear to have been resolved without much conscious effort; I'm finally over the virus I had, my maternity leave has begun (eek!) and I've even purchased a birth pool in preparation for our home birth. I'm also over 37 weeks now so the birth of baby #2 really is imminent..

Five Little Things; A brain dump of all my thoughts - Follow your dreams leather notebook and happily ever after card from TK Maxx Five Little Things; A brain dump of all my thoughts - Follow your dreams leather notebook and happily ever after card from TK Maxx

I don't think I can entirely blame pregnancy, but it's been a pretty extreme few days for my emotions, mainly the negative ones. I'm getting irritated so easily which isn't the best combination with a very defiant and indecisive toddler! I know in my heart the best way to deal with A is to be patient, but my emotions are so hard to fight right now and I keep snapping at him and then feeling immediately guilty and apologising. I'm sure it's also a lot to do with being so uncomfortable now that I'm not able to play with him the way I could if I didn't have a basketball superglued to my stomach. *insert facepalm emoji*


Money is on my mind a lot right now, mainly because we're lacking it! This month has been a particularly bad one with an overdue water bill (oops!), our nursery payment being more than usual due to Mr J's hours, the purchase of a birth pool and everything else we might need for the home birth and scheduling A's Meningitis B jab (I'm just so glad we've been able to get it, thanks to Boots) plus my car insurance renewal and all of that in the month I could be having the baby! I've also begun maternity leave so I worry how we'll cope on half of what I normally take home, what we do about A staying in nursery and there's still a bedroom to buy furniture for (so that the baby can have A's nursery) and other work we have planned for the house yet to do.


Even though my blog has been running so well lately and I've really been enjoying it, I seem to be having a bit of a slump. I'm inspired by a lot of bloggers & vloggers out there and I think I'm experiencing some serious admirable envy that I could never be that good, so why bother? Of course, it's a completely stupid thought that I'm sure we all feel in aspects of our life, and I know bloggers especially regularly experience these blocks but I haven't been able to shake my lack of inspiration in the past week or so. It could be to do with everything else that's going on right now and worrying about how I'm going to keep things up with a toddler and a newborn, but I'm honestly just hoping it will all work itself out!


On the plus side, we've been really lucky recently with amazing products we've been given the chance to review and brands that want to work with us! Sometimes, I need to just stop and be grateful for how lucky we are and take in the positives my blog has brought around for us; it has been a couple of years of really hard work and I forget to sit back and enjoy it when the lovely things and opportunities do happen!


& my last thought? What is this heat and how do I get rid of it? Today has been the hottest day of the year so far and I've hated every second of it! I've never been one for hot weather so I feel as if I can allow myself to have a good old rant about it - being pregnant with A around Christmas was pure bliss and this, of course, is total hell! Though even if I weren't pregnant, I think I'd be struggling what with a very active 2 year old to keep entertained when all I want to do is collapse in a bath of ice surrounded by chocolate & cherries (because cravings).

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