The Siblings Project {January 2017}

The Siblings Project {January 2017} - 5 month old baby boy with his pre-school toddler 3 year old brother twinning wearing Next 'Awesome' outfit tracksuits together cuddling on Primark geometric duvet set in the siblings project

Happy January, folks! I've shared this month's siblings project shot on Instagram already and it turns out it's about as loved by others as it is by me. The boys got a few matching outfits for Christmas (from my Mother, because she knows I love twinning them—I never thought I'd be that Mum) and these Awesome track suits from Next are my absolute fave. They're so fleecy and warm and I'd really like one for myself so I can twin along with them.

In the past month, Jesse has been paying much more attention to his older brother; mostly we'll catch him staring at him whilst he's mid-screaming session and I'm sure his little brain is thinking who on earth have I landed with here? Archie got a wooden train track for Christmas with a couple of battery-operated engines and J's absolute favourite thing is to sit in his froggy seat and watch the trains go round the track whilst Archie builds around him. J is now a chunky little boy and likes to roll around the floor whilst A plays and it's lovely not having to worry so much that A will hurt him with his overly slobbery kisses. He's very protective over him and when a little girl told her Mum "There's a baby!" in the supermarket, A piped up "Jesse Blue is MY brother!".

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