Who are we?

I'm Kaye—the one who writes the blog, takes the photos, designs the things and eats all the chocolate fingers. I'm partner to Martin and Mum of two wondrous little boys. Archie is 5, rambunctious, adventurous and extremely spirited and Jesse Blue? He's 2 years old and the total opposite; laidback, sensitive and happy to stop and take everything in.

How was Hello Archie born?

I'm a graphic and web designer by trade and it's something I love to do. Building & designing websites in my spare time was a labour of love and when my first was born, I knew I wanted somewhere I could store all of the wonderful photographs and memories from his babyhood (as well as somewhere I could brain dump my creative ideas). That's where it all started, and since 2015, things have naturally progressed to where we are now.

I now blog about our lives together as a family, days out and the occasional embarrassing story in the hope that other parents will relate and not feel so alone in their own journeys. Along the way, we've collaborated with some lovely brands in the hope of sharing products and kid's clothes, in particular, that we absolutely love and it's something I hope to continue to do as we grow. I also use this space as a place to hone my design skills and I now offer my design services too!

Young family with two young sons wearing The Animals Observatory and Rylee + Cru at the farm

A recent photo of us

What should I know before reading?

I mostly post about our day-to-day life and quite often collaborate with other bloggers/photographers on DITL posts; I've taken to photographing at least one day in our normal life at least once a month and they're my favourite to share. I'm also a bit of a kid's clothing enthusiast so you might see the boy's wearing gender neutral clothing that's a little different to the high street. I also use my blog to talk about graphic design and showcase some of the projects I've worked on; it's my main job and just happens to integrate well with my blog as I often rebrand other blogs and small businesses.

On the personal side, I had a brother who had severe autism and learning difficulties and we sadly lost him due to an enlarged heart around 8 years ago. Though the boys never got to meet him, Archie took his name and we often visit his grave and talk about him amongst our family. I'm also a bit of an attachment parent; I'm still breastfeeding Jesse at two and we're big on gentle parenting where possible (we also don't sleep train).

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