I'm sorry, baby #2.

I'm sorry, baby #2! - An apology from your Mummy

My first pregnancy was unexpected but full of excitement; I elatedly counted down every week that passed and religiously checked my baby app each morning. I read up on meal ideas and researched vitamins I could take to ensure a healthy pregnancy. I didn't worry about labour, I only felt awe that it would be the day I'd meet my beautiful child; bar a couple of minor bumps in the road, pregnancy was amazing.

Fast forward a few years, and BAM! baby #2 burst onto the scene, and needless to say, things this time round have been a little different! So here are just a few things that I apologise for, baby #2.

I'm sorry baby #2, that I class eating healthily as adding a handful of salad to any meal.

I'm sorry baby #2, that I haven't read any books on how to parent (though I have to admit, they didn't help me the first time)!

I'm sorry baby #2, but.. whoops, am I in the second trimester already?

I'm sorry baby #2, that your brother already sits on your head on a daily basis.

I'm sorry baby #2, that I have no idea whether you're the size of an aubergine or an avocado this week.

I'm sorry baby #2, that your space in our home is currently confined to a tiny corner in your brother's wardrobe.

I'm sorry baby #2, but.. how was I showing so soon!? Please tell me you're not a giant.

I'm sorry baby #2, that my only plan for your birth is to try not to yell 'get me the f**king drugs' at the top of my lungs (again).

I'm sorry baby #2, that you'll probably be called baby #2 for a while after your born..

And I'm really sorry, baby #2. I'm sorry that you'll be the second child, but don't worry, you'll be just as well loved as the first.

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