Pregnancy #2; The First Trimester

Pregnancy #2; The First Trimester - Little Bird by Mothercare onesie, NT scan ultrasound pics and pregnancy milestone cards

It feels so good to finally be able to talk about this pregnancy! We're past the 12 week mark now and have started the second trimester so I feel much happier discussing what's been going on for the past 3 months (and boy, it's alot!). Though I'll be writing updates regularly, this one will probably be huge as I'll be talking about my whole first trimester rather than just covering a few weeks.

Pregnancy #2; The First Trimester - Little Bird by Mothercare onesie, NT scan ultrasound pics and pregnancy milestone cards

FINDING OUT Bit of a shock to say the least. Though this baby wasn't entirely unplanned, I really had no idea it would happen so fast, and though I won't go into detail, trust me when I say, this baby really wanted to be conceived! I didn't suspect this pregnancy at all and Mr J was quite clearly in denial as even though he had those two little lines in front of his face, he wouldn't believe it until we rushed to get a Clearblue, and he saw 'pregnant, 2-3 weeks' written on the screen (and even then he wasn't convinced).

SYMPTOMS The nausea kicked in fairly fast after my positive and peaked at around 7-8 weeks. Though I haven't actually been sick (bar one day, where I think I must've caught a horrific bug that caused me to throw up 10 times and pass out), I was feeling sick all day, every day for weeks. Alongside the nausea, I've been constantly hungry, no matter how much or how often I eat! Though the sickness has subsided now, the hunger is still intense and shows no signs of letting up.

I've had similar aversions to my last pregnancy—the smell of cooking oil mostly, but I've also had some pretty weird ones too. I've not wanted to go anywhere near crusts (even though I'll quite happily eat toast/sandwiches without it) and I've craved ready salted crisps with vinegar (not to be confused with salt'n'vinegar) and pick'n'mix.

COMPARISON This pregnancy has been so much harder than the last one. I don't know whether it's due to the defiant toddler I now have clinging to me 24/7 (that probably doesn't help) or because second pregnancies are just harder. My first pregnancy was simple and, dare I say it, easy, but this one has been a struggle. I've already started to experience lightning crotch when trying to get up too fast and boy, is it painful! My jeans haven't fit for weeks and I'm living in anything I can get away with that doesn't entirely look like pyjamas.

BABY Thankfully, baby seems to be doing great. I had an early scan at 8 weeks which showed a healthy little blob and it's heartbeat (and just the one, phew!), and last week I had my 12 week ultrasound which showed a healthy NT measurement and a shy baby covering it's face with it's teeny arms.

I borrowed my cousin's doppler last pregnancy but didn't find Archie's heartbeat until around 12.5 weeks, but this time I was able to locate baby #2's at 10 weeks which was an amazing feeling. I think along with having one crazy little boy to keep me occupied, and with being so well-practiced at using the doppler, I've been much less anxious this time round (which is saying something!).

Baby's heartbeat is around 163bpm (A's was always around 170bpm) and I've even been able to hear kicking on the doppler. I've been able to feel slight movements/butterflies down low every now and then which is exciting; I felt A quite early on, the first real kicks starting at 16+6, and I'm really looking forward to regular movement this time round too, though I'm curious to see whether they'll be as energetic and active as Archie was.

PHYSICAL At the beginning of my last pregnancy, my BMI was borderline low so I had to see a consultant throughout, but this time my BMI is normal, so I've been classed as low-risk, which is great news. I haven't put on a significant amount of weight yet (I actually lost 5 pounds through the sickness I bug I suffered before Christmas), but I feel so bloated and I swear I'm showing already (though not obviously to anyone else). My feet have also swollen slightly already and don't fit my favourite Converse (grr).

FEELING Better now than I did during the first trimester. I did start to experience minor pre-natal depression at around 8 weeks (as I did with my previous pregnancy) which soon subsided, but my hormones are definitely on edge. I cry at everything and I lose my temper pretty fast (just ask Mr J). Generally, I feel okay, but the fear of coping with two children does hit me every now & then, especially since Archie has been quite high maintenance lately and is very clingy with Mummy at the moment.

EXCITED ABOUT Movement! My favourite thing about pregnancy is feeling as if I'm never alone; having my little baby with me at all times and being able to feel them constantly throughout the day. It is the best feeling and I can't wait for Archie to be able to experience it with me; I think then it may become more real for him!

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