Review: Toddler Connecta Petite - Looks great on Mummys and Daddys!

Review: Toddler Connecta Petite - Perfect for Mummys and Daddys!

I am a huge advocate of baby-wearing and really discovered the benefits when Archie was a few days old. He wouldn't stop crying and didn't want to be put down, so I pulled on my carrier for the first time, popped him in and almost instant quiet! He was happy & comforted and I was able to get around the house and finally stretch my legs; it was wonderful. I carried Archie for as long as I could but unfortunately, due to his fast growth, my being petite and the type of carrier I was using, I really only got to wear him properly for 6-8 months when I would have liked to have continued for longer.

Review: Toddler Connecta Petite - Perfect for Mummys and Daddys! Review: Toddler Connecta Petite - Perfect for Mummys and Daddys!

Archie is now 2 and very active, but his little legs do get tired of walking after a while, so when I got the chance to try out the Toddler Connecta Petite, I jumped at the chance. I've known about Connecta for a while as I have friends who rave about their baby carriers, and was so excited to try out the Tweed Harris Charcoal design (it's seriously gorgeous and looks great on Dads as well as Mums).

On opening the Connecta, I was confused on how exactly to wear it, but after watching a few YouTube videos I figured out how to pop it on and do a front carry. The straps seemed wide, but cushioned and the buckles were easy to tighten and loosen.

Unfortunately, I knew Archie would hate the front carry as he loves to see everything so I tried out the back carry and once he woke up, I attempted getting him in. I did go straight ahead and try the advanced back carry and it wasn't too difficult (even though you're essentially plopping a wriggly toddler on your back and trying to throw the carrier over them and buckle, then tighten)! A was laughing and I felt pretty comfortable, score.

Review: Toddler Connecta Petite - Perfect for Mummys and Daddys! Review: Toddler Connecta Petite - Perfect for Mummys and Daddys!

I've been using the Connecta Toddler Petite for a couple of weeks now and unfortunately don't get to use it as often as I'd like as my toddler is very active and constantly wants to be picked up/put down, so it would take too long to get him in and out of the carrier each time, though I think for long walks in the Summer, it will be ideal! My tips would be definitely practice, practice, practice; the instruction leaflet wasn't enough for me, but watching videos helped alot and once I was wearing the carrier (at 17 weeks pregnant) I was comfortable, but I sometimes found it difficult to tighten all the straps on my own every time (tip #2 - get someone to help).

I'd say the Toddler Connecta is a fantastic purchase for those toddlers that aren't as confident on their feet and really enjoy being carried, or for families who regularly take long walks and don't want to take a pram. I doubt I'll get much use from the Toddler Connecta but I'll definitely be looking into one for baby #2, who I imagine will be much more co-operative than my fidgety 2 year old and as it's Summer, the Connecta is much more lightweight than other carriers I've used in the past.

The designs are gorgeous and the carriers are well-made, plus the price tag is completely affordable compared to others out there. I think with more practice, and swapping the toddler with a baby, I'd absolutely love wearing the gorgeous Connecta.

Disclosure; The Connecta was kindly gifted to us for the purposes of this review, but all thoughts are completely honest and my own.

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