Five Little Things 04.

6 month old baby boy portrait taken on Nikon D3300 with beautiful detailed eyes wearing Next 'Cool Like Mama' t-shirt

It's been a while since I wrote my last 5 Little Things post but I might make them somewhat of a more regular thing. I find myself with writer's block every now & then; hundreds of pictures to organise and edit and I'm not really sure how to process them or what to use them for but I know I don't want them lost in the magical Mary Poppin's handbag that is my camera roll. I think these posts will remain somewhere to empty my head, but also become a place to share what we've been up to as well as showcase my favourite photos of the month.

Portrait taken on Nikon D3300 of 3 year old pre-schooler with new spiky mohican haircut 6 month old baby boy portrait taken on Nikon D3300 with Mummy kissing en route to holiday at Bluestone, Wales 6 month old baby boy portrait taken on Nikon D3300 with beautiful detailed eyes whilst on holiday in the Ramsey lodge at Bluestone in Wales

It's been a couple of weeks since we returned but I never got around to writing too much about our holiday on the blog, but we recently visited Bluestone in Wales and we had a great time. We only booked up two weeks before as Mr J happened to be off and it also landed on my birthday and I'm so glad we got the chance to tuck away as a family and enjoy some much-needed quality time together. Jesse is getting so big so fast and I don't even recognise my baby when I look at Archie anymore, so it was the perfect retreat to make some memories.


I've been feeling completely swamped over the past month and I don't seem to get the chance to just sit & breathe and process everything that's going on. I hate to be disorganised but no matter how much I try to keep on top of it all, I feel as if every day something pops into my head that I've forgotten about. I've discussed on my social media how Jesse wakes every 2 hours most nights and though he settles quickly and I feel ok upon waking, occasionally I will feel consumed by sleep deprivation. It's something we need to figure out because for the first time in my life, I've been experiencing anxiety attacks and dizzy/light-headed spells and feeling unwell; the last thing I need when there's so much going on.


I haven't blogged at all this week and I've felt so awful about it; I've actually had a little play with the colour scheme/typography and design and feel so much better about things now. I hate how I get bored of things so quickly and the minute I'm not happy with the way my blog looks, publishing a post moves to the bottom of the list. Photography is still something I'm enjoying though, so I end up with hundreds of photos I love and nothing to do with them. On the plus side, we are currently working with a few brands, including the lovely Cosatto and I can't wait to start talking about that more.

6 month old baby boy portrait taken on Nikon D3300 with beautiful detailed eyes wearing Next 'Cool Like Mama' t-shirt 6 month old baby boy portrait taken on Nikon D3300 with beautiful detailed eyes whilst having ice-cream at a restaurant wearing Bear & Babe UK handmade child's romper

Though I've been terrible elsewhere, I did manage to film a vlog over the past week; it's a day in the life and it felt good to get back on the youtube horse and get some practice in front of the camera. I have such a love/hate relationship with vlogging and I feel so out of my depth when I start filming, the opposite to photography where I finally feel more confident with what I'm doing. If you fancy a watch, click here and let me know what you think.


I'm finally getting my hair done. After I had Archie, I decided to cut my hair off (the hair I'd been growing for 3 years) and I soon regretted it. 3 years later and my hair is even longer than it was before and though we're at the yanking-anything-within-reach stage with Jesse, I'm adamant I won't be cutting it. The bad thing is it's completely unmanageable as I haven't been able to visit a hairdressers since before he was born. My hair grows like mad when I'm pregnant and weirdly, I don't lose it, so it's long, thick and an unruly mess. It sounds like such an insignificant issue, but I've been feeling so bad about my dodgy blonde ends for so long that I cannot wait to get it fixed up. It's a mum-step closer to feeling a bit more like me again as it's so easy to lose your identity with children and forget that you're an important person too.

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