What the Boys Wore: Lamb & Bear

Since having the boys, I've fallen in love with kid's fashion; I could never get away with wearing rainbow leggings and Toy Story shoes (though I'd be willing to try) so perhaps I'm vicariously reliving my childhood through them. My parents were huge fans of Osh-Kosh (we recently discovered a pair in Archie's size that belonged to my brother) and O'Lilly and there's such a good feeling about finding clothes that match their personalities so perfectly.

My lovely friend and fellow blogger, Alex, is the woman behind Lamb & Bear and I was so excited to receive Jesse's Croc Croc leggings (and Alex kindly included the dribble bib which we couldn't be without right now). Alex's leggings are beyond perfect, in size, design and quality, and range from the popular Stevie Stegosaurus (we need these!) to the eloquent Mr. Ponty Penguin and so many other stunning prints. My favourite thing about investing in handmade clothes from small businesses is that the quality is second-to-none. The pictures don't do Alex's leggings justice; so much love and care is sewn into every single pair, every stitch beautifully accenting it's partner.

Those vans though!

Archie's t-shirt is a Maxomorra special, another brand we love for their bold prints. We now have a few similar garments for each of the boys because I spotted the seals and fell in love! There's something that makes me feel all nostalgic about teaming them with short denim dungarees, something we wore so much in our childhood. Somehow my biggest boy manages to look like a little boy and a grown-up kid all at the same time.

I take so much pride in dressing the boys (now I need to work on dressing myself!) and showcasing brands that we care about. I love supporting other Momma's, especially knowing how difficult it can be trying to be a parent and build a career at the same time. As much as we love high street fashion, there's also something so magical about finding a print that you're yet to spot before, especially one the boys fall in love with too.

Alex kindly sent us the Lamb & Bear Croc Croc leggings and dribble bib as part of a brand ambassador role. Though there's no doubt in future, I'll be purchasing plenty more prints from her lovely shop.

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