We're Official Huggies® Pull-ups® Ambassadors - Let's Get Training!

Official Huggies Pull-ups Ambassadors - 6 steps to potty training

Since Archie recently started showing us some serious signs that he's ready (something I really didn't expect so soon), we've been thinking about potty training. We were also contacted by Huggies® at around the same time so it seemed like the perfect time to begin, with a little help from the experts.

I felt under no pressure to get little A potty trained too quickly; I wanted to take it at his pace and wait for the signs to know for sure. You can imagine my surprise when after months of no interest, he stripped off, pulled his nappy off and weed in the potty (the one I didn't know he knew even existed)! From that day on, he's been talking more about when he needs a wee or a poo and at home, he's pretty much a potty ninja - but wearing pants is another story.

Official Huggies Pull-ups Ambassadors - 6 steps to potty training

Thinking of starting soon? Huggies® Pull-ups® are currently on offer at ASDA stores!

As official ambassadors, we'll be sharing our potty training journey, using the 6 steps to potty success - a programe developed in partnership with renowned child psychologist, Dr Heather Wittenberg - and we'll be blogging & vlogging about the good, bad and quite literally crappy parts of our potty training journey. Huggies® will be with us every step of the way hopefully until A is dry day and night, and we'll be sharing everything we learn along the way! So, get subscribing to us on YouTube so you don't miss the hilarity of us attempting to potty train a toddler (whilst the size of a very pregnant whale)..

Official Huggies Pull-ups Ambassadors - 6 steps to potty training

It's not just us, but some other fantastic bloggers in the team, all at different stages of their potty training journey, so keep an eye on their blogs and channels as well:

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Disclosure; This post is written in collaboration with Huggies® Pull-ups® - we are receiving payment in exchange for our work with them but all words, pictures and poo-related experiences are our own!

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