Valentine's Day Gift Guide - For Him & Her

Not long now until St. Valentines Day is upon us! It quite often gets forgotten about in our household due to my birthday being 5 days before, but this year I've been looking for some quirky gifts that Mr J might like. As much as I love cheesy gifts (as you'll see), I also think it's nice to think outside the box and buy your partner-in-crime something that they wouldn't normally expect. Here's some of the best pressies I've come across this month.

Eat My Cake lobster biscuit Personalised heart-shaped lollipops Personalised co-ordinates bus blind print
1. Lobster Biscuit by Eat My Cake – £7

"Do lobsters mate for life, do they walk hand in hand along the bottom of the sea bed together? Of course they do and if you're lucky enough to have found your "lobster", this is the perfect Valentines gift for you!"

Thanks to FRIENDS, we all know that lobsters mate for life. Everyone loves FRIENDS, not everyone loves lobsters, but most people love biscuits.

2. Personalised Heart Lollipop by Sophia Victoria Joy etc – £1.45

If your partner has a massive sweet tooth (like I do), these personalised heart lollipops are perfect (unless their teeth are rotting, in which case maybe an unflavoured ice pop would be better).

3. Personalised Bus Blind Coordinates Print by The Drifting Bear Co. – £55

I love this quirky way of commemorating a beautiful place that means so much to you & your partner. Unfortunately, Mr J and I first met whilst both working at a supermarket, and if you don't know, retail can feel as if you're serving a life sentence, conveniently some say the same about marriage..

Where it all began Valentines card 'Adventures Under The Stars' Print Personalised co-ordinates bus blind print
4. 'Where It All Began' Valentines Card by ThisPaperBook – £6.50

I was going to purchase one of these for Mr J but after previewing it - 'Where it all began, in a supermarket, on a windy, drizzly day', I realised it probably wasn't quite the sentiment I was trying to get across..

5. 'Adventures Under The Stars' Print by Oakdene Designs – £16

I adore this print by Oakdene Designs. They have lots of wonderful designs you can buy but this one is especially gorgeous.

6. 'Big Spoon Little Spoon' Pillow Cases by Old English Company – £25

Who doesn't love spooning? And pillows? And bed? And sleep? (Anything sleep-related will be especially appreciated by those of us who have newborn babies).

Robot Valentine's Day Chocolates Men's Personalised Map Location Watch Personalised Mini Photo And Message Bottle
7. Robot Valentine's Day Chocolates by The Whimsical Cake Company – £7

When people ask me what it is I imagine when I think of Valentine's (nb – no one's ever asked me that), I always say two little mini robots with cute golden hearts whose companionship I can ruin by devouring them one mechanical limb at a time. Yep.

8. Men's Personalised Map Location Watch by Ellie Ellie – £98

For those who can afford something a little pricier (aka. those who don't have mini-me's draining their resources), how about a watch personalised with a map of a location that means something to you? I'd probably choose the location of the hospital where we had little A, Mr J would probably choose the local gym.

9. Personalised Mini Photo And Message Bottle by Instajunction – £10

A teeny bottle with a teeny picture and a teeny handwritten message written on the back. Most ladies will tell you they love teeny things (unless it's a glass of wine).

Personalised 'I Promise' Cards Firebox M-Y Fronts Wine Handbags
10. Personalised 'I Promise' Cards by I Promise – £9.50

'I promise that I will not make heaving noises when you have wind and claim it's because you are poorly' or 'I promise that I won't pretend to be asleep when Archie wakes in the night so that you will get up and see to him & I can go back to sleep' or 'I promise that I won't take my socks off before bed just so that I can place my ice cold toes on your leg' etc.

11. M-Y Fronts by Firebox – £16.99

I have no words.

12. Wine Handbags by Firebox – £29.99

(Most) Mummy's love wine. It's ingrained in us as much as the love we have for our tiny little humans. A glass of wine is good, a bottle is awesome, but a handbag-ful is beyond anything else.

Firebox The Smitten Personalised 'I Think You're Great' Mini Grater Firebox Heated Huggable Unicorn
13. The Smitten - The Glove of Love by Firebox – £24.99

For those who're still in the honeymoon period and want to be glued to their other half's side at all times (including icy cold weather), this one's for you. For those of us who've been in a relationship (or marriage) for the past umpteen years, the repellant glove is coming soon.

14. Personalised 'I Think You're Great' Mini Grater by Twenty-Seven – £7

How's this for a cheesy Valentine's gift? I may have included it in this guide for the sole purpose of telling that joke. *High fives no-one*

15. Heated Huggable Unicorn by Firebox – £7.99

And because I can't be the only woman who is obsessed with unicorns, how great is this alternative to a boring, old, saggy partner hot water bottle?

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