Baby's Favourite Toys: Our Best Picks

Now that Archie's 7 months old, his personality has grown so much and he's beginning to get attached and interact better with his toys. We've found some to be better than others and some that also help with development & teething. Here's a post featuring some of his favourites so far:

No. 1 - Winnie the Pooh Comforter

Archie has 'Winnie' for every nap and bedtime in his cot. We use it as a sleep association tool (or lovey/comforter) and he's finally starting to become attached to it. It also seems to help with his teething as he spends alot of time chewing/gumming the corners and he tends to cuddle into it when he's really tired (so cute!). It's also smaller than most comforters so less to worry about when it comes to suffocation (though I supervise constantly to make sure it's not covering his face anyway).

No. 2 - ELC Lights and Sounds Walker

Recently, A has started pulling himself up to stand on anything and everything he can access. I decided to invest in a push-along walker for him to practice with (eventually) as I've read they're better for physical development. He's still a little young to push it along yet but he absolutely loves the circular toy part on the front. There are a number of different buttons and switches that make different sounds and it comes with 4 toy balls that can be pushed through the middle to set the lights off. He spends alot of time each day learning and playing with it and it seems to be helping his standing as he'll often pull himself up to play with it. I'd highly recommend for an early sitter/crawler/walker and active baby!

No. 3 - Sophie the Giraffe

We've had Sophie since Archie was about 2 or 3 months and I think most Mummys will at some point purchase one, but Archie's only really started using his recently. She's really helping to ease the pain of his gums and he'll happily sit and chew/gum/chomp on her legs or her mouth for hours at a time. She is also handy at soothing him when we're out and about and he's struggling with his teeth (especially as we no longer use a dummy) and she's definitely become one of his favourite toys.

No. 4 - VTech Crawl and Learn Bright Lights Ball

We actually received this as a present when A was around 4 months and he loved it from the off. It rolls around on it's own and plays music/makes sounds when different buttons are pressed. Since he's begun to crawl, he plays with it for alot longer and can now chase it around the room. He doesn't yet engage with the buttons but is mesmerised by the way it rolls around independently and is always trying to pull it out of his basket to play with.

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