My Top 5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015

2015 was pretty much my first year of real blogging; before that I'd occasionally pop up a monthly update, casually upload some family pictures and maybe let my Mum and Dad know that I'd written a post (parents are obliged to read our blogs, right?). The posts I didn't think would be so popular turned out to be some of my best and the ones I was certain would go viral sank into obscurity, the joys of blogging. I thought I'd share my blogging post successes of 2015 and talk about why I wrote them.

Why You Suck at Blogging and Should Probably Quit

My most read post of 2015 was also one of my favourites to write. After getting sucked in to the constant self-promotion of blogging, one day I realised that it just wasn't fun anymore and spoke about how I'd become less of a relatable person and more of a spammer. I received such a huge, positive response from bloggers saying that they felt the same way, and all of that came from a post that I blurted out in around 20 minutes (the passionate ones always seem to be the most sucessful).

Troller's Gonna Troll - How to Deal with Unfounded Negativity

Last year, I actually gained my first (and hopefully, only!) troll. After months of negative comments, and after being attacked for my parenting, my decisions and my looks, I took a stand and wrote this post. It was something I'd put off for a long time, so when I finally got around to writing it, I wanted it to be a way of turning a negative situation into something positive and I'm glad I managed to achieve that.

My Top 5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015

The Worst Mothers Day Ever

A post that I still struggle to read to this day. Unfortunately, Mothers Day 2015 ended with Archie in hospital after a truly awful experience I hope to never have to repeat. I was unsure whether to write about it, but I received such an overwhelming response and heard from so many others who've been in a similar situation. It showed me how amazing our community is, that we can pull together and really be there for each other when it comes down to it (quit a contract to the trolling post).

My Toddler Hates Me and I Know Why

I remember giving myself a big pat on the back when I came up with this title; intriguing headlines usually result in popular posts but it's always tricky coming up with them. This post also gave me the ability to turn the downside of tantrums and difficult mothering days into something relatable and positive. We all suffer as parents, but as long as we can push through the tough bits and laugh about them, we'll be ok.

5 Disgusting Things That Only Parents Do

I think this was my first foray into writing a 'humorous' blog post! I've never considered myself to be particularly funny so I was always nervous about writing something in that genre, but one day I thought I'd give it a go. The response was great and it's lovely to know you've made people laugh, potentially on one of their tough days, so I'm happy I wrote it.

A huge thankyou to all of you who took the time to read any of these posts and any other posts I may have written since I started this blog, I've loved sharing my stories, logging Archie's monthly development and meeting so many wonderful bloggers who're trying to achieve the same things as me. I'm so grateful that people take their time to read the nonsense that I write, and I'm feeling the pressure to top these posts in 2016!

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