To my fellow bloggers.. with love xo

To my fellow bloggers.. with love xo - Lacking in inspiration and motivation

It's been a tough few days on the blogging front; for some reason I haven't felt the urge to do anything — social media, promoting, even writing blog posts or photography. I have ideas written down, but for some reason I haven't felt like writing them, similar to how I felt during Why You Suck at Blogging and Should Probably Quit, but with blogging in it's entirety, not simply promotion alone.

Blogging rocks, and I have some posts I'm really excited about in the works. I've made brand relationships that I'm proud of and have blogging events coming up that I can't wait to attend. I've made so many wonderful relationships within the blogging community in the past year and there are bloggers I hugely admire and look forward to meeting. So, why why why can't I be bothered to do anything?

To my fellow bloggers.. with love xo - Lacking in inspiration and motivation

Behind the scenes

Well, life, of course. We're all human, we're not perfect and sometimes there is simply no reason. Sometimes we just can't be effed and that's what I'm experiencing. Mr J and I are both off work for a week, so I don't have as much alone time to write and I'm probably lacking in inspiration and not feeling the blogging love.

I'm a huge believer in quality over quantity, hence why I currently only blog three times a week. I almost wrote a filler post today just to avoid breaking the schedule but I really didn't want to do that (plus, it would only be deleted in a few weeks when I realise it's total crap).

Then yesterday, I received a lovely compliment by a fellow blogger, one I admire greatly - Jess of Mummy of Boy Girl Twins. It was such a confidence boost and was exactly what I needed to kick myself up the butt and realise, people do enjoy reading my blog, they do care and it is worth it.

Then this morning, another wonderful boost - Emily of My Petit Canard chose Hello Archie as one of the blogs she loves! Emily is another blogger that I adore and admire so it really helped to see that she felt the same way about tiny little me and my blog.

I'm always unsure whether to write about feeling deflated with something, but since becoming a member of the blogging community, I've realised, it's not just about blogging itself, but about your fellow bloggers. They are amazing, talented, admirable, kind and approachable. When you feel as if you're dropping, you can always rely on them to bring you back up — it's one of the most wonderful communities I've been apart of and thanks to them, I strive to be the best that I can possibly be.

So, here's not only to Jess and Emily but to everyone in the blogging community (and outside of it) that reads Hello Archie, and that push me to strive to be better. Thankyou for caring enough to give me that boost, for enjoying my blog enough to visit and for giving me a shot! And to those who are considering blogging, don't hesitate. We'll all be here for you to fall back on and we'll all push you up when you're finding it tough.

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