The Things a 1 Year Old Plays With

Archie got alot of stuff for Christmas (being as it's also his birthday). Almost everything a child could wish for in fact, yet he's still not entirely happy with his gifts. Here are some of the things my 1 year old insists on playing with rather than the multitude of wonderful gifts he acquired this year.

12 month old baby with bin on head 12 month old selfie with Mummy using selfie stick

Just to confirm, Archie placed this bin on his own head - Selfie times with our selfie stick!

The bin

On his head. I don't know. Give him the option of a rainbow stacker or a bin, I'm sure he'd go for the bin every time..

Mummy's selfie stick

Who would've thought a souped-up stick could hold so much intrigue for a little boy? Well, not me, but I was obviously wrong. In fact, I'm thinking of wrapping up a branch from the garden for his next birthday.

A slipper

Any slipper will do. Left or right. Whether it be Mummy's unicorn slippers (I don't blame him for that, they are superb) or Nanny's smelly old slipper she's had since 1978. I've never seen a kid dart so fast to a shoe when let loose in a room.

My purse/Tampons/Anything found in a changing bag

The changing bag is about the only thing I leave used to leave on the floor; I used to think 'There can't be anything even remotely appealing about this bag to a one year old'. How wrong was I? It's as if he's hit the jackpot. Vaseline, receipts, odd socks, you name it, this kid finds it.

Make-up bag

A will generally spend less than 5 minutes playing with a single toy, yet when I'm desperately trying to detangle my hair and mould my face into something that resembles more of a human and less of a zombie, that time is usually reduced to 30 seconds. Enter make-up bag. A could spend hours casually inspecting/nibbling/prodding each tube of mascara - though we've had some unfortunate powder disasters..


I have one teeny, tiny section of the living room where I keep my cloth nappy stash. It's the only area that hasn't been taken over by lion rockers and activity tables. It's also up high. Does Archie reach up on his little tippy toes, yank at the basket repeatedly until everything inside tumbles to the floor and then proceed to pull apart every booster and pile them on his head? Yes, yes he does.

What does your baby find to amuse themselves with besides their actual toys?

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