The No-Pee Panic - My Toddler Hasn't Urinated in 12 Hours!

Another parenting first yesterday; after a 5:20am wake-up call, I got Archie up to discover his nappy was completely dry (after maybe 12-14 hours) so, of course, I did what any sane first-time Mother would do and completely effin' panicked.

A has been a little unwell the past couple of days, nothing severe, just a husky cough, runny nose and a little upset, but he's still been his usual manic self and he's had no fever at all (he seems to always have a high temperature with a virus/infection) so I've been keeping a close eye on him. His sleep has also been off, naps are shorter and he's waking several times a night again, but he's also cutting 2-4 teeth and hitting an 18 month sleep regression, gah!

The No-Pee Panic - My Toddler Hasn't Urinated in 12 Hours!

So, after 555 days of waking to a completely saturated nappy, I may have freaked out, just a little. A had drunk the same amount as usual the previous day and is normally a very heavy wetter. After taking Mr J's advice into consideration ('He seems fine, it probably just dried up, that can happen if it's hot'), and wondering whether it was possible for a body full or urine to just dissolve into thin air (it isn't), I checked for other signs of dehydration (of which there were none), and decided I'd keep an eye on him.

Lo and behold, he soaked his morning nappy and continued to have normal wet (and poop) nappies throughout the day. He ate and drunk as normal and thankfully it hasn't happened since! I, then, of course, realised that one day he won't pee through the night and lost it in a haze of Mummy hormones.

My first port of call (as always), was Dr Google; differing advice from seek medical advice after no urination for 24 hours to plough them with cranberry juice & tea! So, to you more experienced Mama's & Papa's, ever had any similar experiences?


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