The importance of sleep (when you're not getting any) — The Ordinary Moments #19

The importance of sleep (when you're not getting any) — The Ordinary Moments #19; Beautiful preschooler with long eyelashes in Little Green Radical pyjamas

Sleep. Probably the most difficult aspect of parenting; even if you have a fantastic sleeper, you've probably gone through at least one phase where you find yourself completely and utterly exhausted, surviving on minimal sleep and still having to try and get through the day (whilst continually googling 'where the hell have I gone wrong?').

Mornings like these mean so much to me considering the nights they tend to follow. It's easy to feel lost in the darkness; when you're the only one awake, constantly tending to the baby who drops their dummy, the one who wakes from hunger, the one who simply detests sleep or in our case, the one who is constantly rooting for their Mama (and teething). When I've been waken for the umpteenth time in an hour, when I finally get comfortable to hear the whimpers begin and when I'm so desperate for even just 30 minutes of continuous sleep, it's hard to ebb the frustration and carry on. Sometimes, I cope, sometimes I cry, and until now I've always been searching for answers.

50 days of weaning with Cosatto - 7 month old baby boy sitting in his Cosatto 3sixti2 highchair in chopsticks eating porridge

And I've finally found my answer. My baby is a baby who doesn't sleep well. He spent 9 months curled up with his Mama and he wants to continue to do so in a world that he can barely comprehend the size of. When he's in pain, he needs to be near me and even when he's happy, I'm his constant. The one thing he is sure of. So, no matter how difficult those nights are, the mornings that follow always make them worth it. Two boys, oblivious to the horrors the world can hold. Two boys, completely and utterly loved. Two boys. One who no longer needs his Mama quite so much and another who also won't in a few short years.

Happy Mothers Day to every single beautiful Mummy out there. Those little gifts you gave birth to will always need you. You are their constant, even when times are tough, and as long as you are always there, you will never fail at motherhood.

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