The Granny Hair Trend - How to Get Silvery/Grey Locks


The Granny Hair Trend - How to Get Silvery/Grey Locks

This post is a first for me as it's my first ever beauty post! I'm not a fanatic about make-up or eyebrows, tanning or any of that stuff but I do love getting my hair done and experimenting with it, so since I've finally started to visit the hairdressers (though my hairdresser is one of my best friends, still counts right?) again after 2 years of complete neglect, I thought I'd share my experiences with you all.

A bit of backstory; I've always been drastic when it comes to getting my hair done, it's been almost every colour imaginable — white (loved), black, brown (hated), red, purple (really loved), blue ombre, yellow (accident), strawberry blonde (aka ginger), and this time I've decided to go grey.

Yep, I'm embracing the #grannyhair trend! Check out grey hair on Pinterest to see the gorgeous inspiration pics I've been dying to imitate. Unfortunately, I underestimated just how difficult grey would be to get, and when there are so many people that don't want it. We had to bleach all of my hair until it turned an almost white blonde, tone it to reduce any brassiness, then apply the grey. My BFF (Vicky) warned me that it may not take if the hair isn't light enough and the blonde could be tricky to cover and turns out she was right.

I'll discuss that more in a minute, but here was the final result:


The Granny Hair Trend - How to Get Silvery/Grey Locks The Granny Hair Trend - How to Get Silvery/Grey Locks

As much as I love it and it's so wonderful not to have 5 inch roots, I think it's more of an ash blonde/silver than grey and there's still alot of blonde showing through, so I've been recommended a few products to try to darken and enhance the grey/silver and I'll be using blue shampoo's to keep it fresh.

If you're thinking of going silver/grey, bear in mind that it can be really difficult to get the perfect shade, and even then, it fades really fast! I'll update after I've tried out a few products (to hopefully take me a more prominent grey), and if anyone has any recommendations, let me know in the comments!

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