The Brit Mums Brilliance in Blogging Awards

Nominate Hello Archie in the 2015 BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards

As a fresh-faced blogger (I've been blogging for 7 months now and only making a real go of it for 4!), I've only just come across the Brilliance in Blogging Awards hosted by BritMums and there have been some amazing blogs shortlisted in the past, blogs that are much bigger than I am, so I'm under no illusion that I'll stand a chance this year.

Saying that, there's no harm in trying and I figure it's fun to take part and see some of the blogs that I regularly read rise up the ranks and maybe win! So, if you do happen to enjoy reading Hello Archie and like or love our little space on the internet, and you have a spare 5 minutes, it would be absolutely amazing if you could nominate us.

To find out more about the BiB Awards (if I'm not making much sense), have a look here and to nominate me, click here to open up the nominations form. Fill in your Name, E-mail and Mobile number. These are the details you can enter to nominate me, I'd recommend nominating us in the 'family' or 'fresh voice' sections but it's completely up to you. Once you've filled in the fields you like, scroll to the bottom and click 'done'.

Blog Name Hello Archie
Blog URL
Blogger’s Twitter ID helloarchie_
Blogger’s email
Why do you feel this blogger deserves to win Fresh Voice? [Enter why you think I should be nominated, I'd suggest saying because I'm fab!]
URL of your favourite post from this blog [You don't have to fill this in, one of my favourites is '']

This is my opportunity to say that I've had an absolute blast with blogging over the past few months (though it's harder work than I originally thought!), and I'm incredibly grateful for all of you who read and return to the blog and keep up with our posts! I try to be as entertaining & helpful as possible, whilst still retaining Archie's updates and developments (which is why Hello Archie originally began). So again, thankyou all so much for visiting us and reading what we have to say and commenting - we really appreciate it!

Did you know I'm a graphic designer too? If you're looking for help to brand your business or make your blog beautiful, check out my portfolio!

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