The #BiBs2016 Post I Didn't Want to Write

The #BiBs2016 Post I Didn't Want to Write

Since discovering I'd made the shortlist for the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging awards this year, I'd been planning to write the obligatory Thankyou so much! & Vote for me, pretty please! post, yet as each day passed, I didn't feel any particular urge to do so. I'll just write up that other post first, I'd say to myself, there's plenty of time to mention the awards.

Yet, with each passing day, I felt less and less inspired to write it. It's not that I'm not grateful for being nominated and shortlisted, and it's not that I wouldn't absolutely love to make the finals or win. Honestly, It's that I'm a tad intimidated and overwhelmed by the incredible bloggers I'm shortlisted alongside and I'm not quite sure why I'm in there.

I didn't write this post because I'm looking for sympathy votes or fishing for compliments. I love photography, I'm learning so much and getting better every day and I'm (mostly) so happy with the outcome of the shots I take. I'm aware I have a bit of a flare for creativity (well, I hope so, that graphic design degree must've taught me something) and I'm totally overwhelmed I've been shortlisted.

But I'm alongside bloggers who are on another level with their skills; they don't just aspire to be, they are photographers. Bloggers who take shots I could only dream of taking with ease and talent; they own the Instagram accounts I drool over and will always admire.

So, as incredibly grateful as I am to be nominated and voted for by some of you wonderful people, I guess I feel a bit overwhelmed.

If this is as far as I make it this year, I feel as if I've won already. I may not get the award, but every single one of my fellow nominees totally deserves it, and I can't help but feel they deserve it more than me.

I seriously hope I haven't offended anyone whose nominated or voted for me so far; I'll still be fighting for it, I have the badge ready on my blog, and I'd love to get as far as possible! I think it's just the shock of being placed in such an outstanding category when I honestly didn't expect to be there at all.

After all that, this post is now written and I am insanely grateful to be where I am! So thank you from the bottom of my heart for the nominations and votes, and if you'd still like to vote for me in best photography, you can do so here:

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