'Sleep training, family time & there's two of them!' {The Ordinary Moments 20}

It's been a bit of an odd week for us; you know, when bad things happen but you know the important thing is you can deal with it together and that your family being happy and safe means anything else is possible to deal with. I think the tragic events at Manchester have really put things into perspective for us. That doesn't mean things haven't been difficult though, I've sunk to rock bottom this week after the worst night's sleep we've had (and that's saying something) and started to make some changes that'll hopefully keep our sanity intact!

Mr J has been working all weekend so it's been another with just me and the boys but it's actually been fairly pleasantish; we've played in the sunshine (and the not-so-sunshine yesterday morning after a bizarre visit to the park where half of us were wearing coats and the other half were in shorts and flip-flops; bloody British Summertime), visited family and the majority of these photos were taken after throwing my camera in the bag last-minute. These weekends can be so difficult, especially when Mr J is working late and bedtimes are just down to me (cue utter madness for at least 2 hours), but they usually surprise me by being some of the times I enjoy the most.

After our Wintery morning in the park yesterday, we spent the afternoon raving about the sun in my grandparent's back garden. We've also experienced a couple of teeth-related milestones this week; Jesse finally has teeth (and two of the little buggers) and I had my first nipple bite whilst breastfeeding and yowzer, it stings. The night the second tooth popped through (unbeknownst to us at the time) was one of the worst we've had with Jesse and though we now know the culprit, we reached a point where it was clear something had to change to alter Jesse's (and our) sleeping habits.

How fitting are their beautiful t-shirts for the very British weather we're having?

So, since that night, I've been following the same routine, but after nursing, I pick Jesse up and rock him to sleep (or close enough). I've been putting him down the minute he's asleep (rather than waiting until he's in a deep sleep), and actually he's surprised me by quickly going back off after his initial reluctance to being put down. He's always slept in our bed and nursed to sleep so I highly expected utter hell that first night, but he was asleep in his cot within 20 minutes and slept 4 hours (that's huge for us) and only woke twice that night. I brought him into our bed at 2am and nursed, but I wasn't worried about that, the fact he'd ever settled in his cot at all was a huge achievement for us!

Night #2 didn't go as well; his first wake was an hour after bed and he woke every 2 hours through the night. He also refused to settle, wanting to be fed at 10pm, taking about an hour to settle back down (that's the roughest it's been so far), but I persevered and didn't feed him until he woke at 4am. We're on night #3 right now and he settled well at bedtime but has been asleep for just under an hour so we'll see what happens.

The good thing about rock bottom is that it can't possibly get much worse so I've been highly prepared for the travesty of sleep training and it's not been as bad as I remember. The other bonus is he's been settling for naps easily in his cot and tends to sleep for anywhere from 1-3 hours. I'm hoping to gradually put Jesse down more & more awake and settle him in his cot as we did with A, wish us luck.

I'm so happy it's now Sunday and Mr J is home for the whole week! We plan on visiting a National Trust property tomorrow so the kids can stretch their legs (well, Jesse can stretch his toes & knees) and trying to enjoy this weather whilst it lasts (though it appears to be cooling down this week, typical ey?).

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