School Holiday Madness & a #MarvMondays update

That's my Mama, guys

School holidays are never something I tend to realise are happening due to having kids that are too young to go to school. I only really notice when we attempt a visit to the park during the week and there are people everywhere. This week, however, Mr J has flukily nailed a week off of work and we've realised how crazy visiting anywhere in the holiday is! This week, we spent a day out at Chessington World of Adventures (oh em gee) and though we had a great day, it was nearly impossible to get around everything and enjoy the rides when the crowds & queues were insane. I was terrified I was going to lose Archie (who absolutely refuses reins or rides in the pushchair) and on top of the extortionate entry fee, fast-track for 1 ride was £6! The whole reason we decided to visit was so Archie could enjoy the Gruffalo ride (good, but not worth an extra £6) and there was no way we could stand for 70 minutes with a 3 year old and 9 month old baby. >_< Note to self; Never visit in half-term in future.

Nana & Grandad came too

On a positive note, the weather was beautiful and we did have a fantastic day (my parents and Martin's son, Finners, were also able to come as they weren't working/at school), and we have visited a couple of awesome national trust properties this week (can you tell we're members now?), which though, were still busy, were far more relaxed than attempting a theme park. Basildon Park, where these photos were taken, was stunning and picturesque and we had loads of fun wandering around, enjoying the weather and seeing the house. I was so obsessed with two doorways in the courtyard surrounded by plants and flowers and made Mr J take about 100 photos to make sure we at least got a couple of usable ones.

In other news, you may notice there might not be a Marvellous Mondays this week; Emily, Fran and I are in the process of overhauling the linky completely and turning it into something else. As much as we love MM, we were finding it very difficult to keep up momentum with checking comments etc. We really want to create a smaller, community sharing the beautiful, honest moments of parenthood. There'll be a name and rule change in store but we're hoping we'll still see all of our loyal linkers sharing their posts with us.

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