Preventing Those ‘ouch’ Moments! - in collaboration with SuperBath

Preventing Those ‘ouch’ Moments! - in collaboration with SuperBath

We've all been there; we either try to get into a hot bath or the temperature of the shower flickers and we shout and scream (our poor little ones, or not so little ones, in some cases). After a painful experience, we jump out and look back and think how am I going to turn the shower off now? This was the main reason that we here at SuperBath decided to get in contact with Kaye—to display the possibilities that are out there to prevent these moments from occurring. With innovations across the range of high quality brands in our collection here at SuperBath, most are designed to protect your little ones, not only for Christmas, but for a long time to come. With a 5-year manufacturer warranty across both brands, you can be assured you are safe in every sense of the word.

Simple mechanisms by Grohe and Hansgrohe, who are arguably the two most influential and high quality manufacturers in the world to date, have been designing products to prevent situations just like these. From Grohe CoolTouch to a Hansgrohe Safety Lock amongst other technologies, your temperature can be controlled and those hot surfaces will no longer be an issue. If you are still wondering how, then a bit of information about the technologies and some of the range will follow to intrigue your imagination.

Preventing Those ‘ouch’ Moments! - in collaboration with SuperBath

Grohe Thermostats have been developed so you can limit and control the water temperature. One way this can be seen is through Grohe TurboStat and a SafeStop button. When running your bath or shower, a simple nudge of the SafeStop button will stop the temperature going higher than 38°C, regardless of the water pressure. Coupled with the Grohe CoolTouch, when your little ones or even big ones try to grab the mixer, you can rest easy knowing that a cooling channel exists below the surface, preventing any injuries that could be caused. This can be found in the Grohe Grohterm 2000, shown above or similar technology, which is also present across the range of Grohe Shower Systems, such as the Grohe Euphoria 180 below.

Likewise, Hansgrohe have developed technologies to counter problems that could arise from water temperature fluctuations. This can be seen across the ranges that feature a SafetyStop button, preventing the temperature from exceeding 40°C. Coupled with an adjustable hot water limiter, you can be assured that your safety is paramount to both teams of designers respectively. Let us not forget the world renowned design team that have led the company to win hundreds of international awards for it's innovative design and safety features. The Hansgrohe Croma 160 below portrays everything Hansgrohe is trying to achieve, from the compact elegant design, to the innovative thermostatic control. This is a full shower system which includes all of these features and more, giving you the most innovative technology, whilst being aesthetically breath taking [not due to scalding, of course].

Disclosure; This article was written in collaboration with SuperBath.

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