My 2018 goals & resolutions

I'm not huge on making resolutions, opting more for the why wait until a New Year to start something new? line of thought, but I do like to consider my blog and passions and what I'd like to move my focus towards for the impending year. I've been struggling recently with keeping up with everything, not exactly feeling unmotivated, but just wondering how others manage to juggle it all. How to regularly post, as well as vlog whilst publishing insta-stories, ensuring Instagram is updated each day and regularly tweeting and promoting posts on Facebook, and not forgetting Pinterest and Stumbleupon. I've been wondering how it's possible to keep track of it all and the only conclusion I can come to is narrowing my focus towards specific areas I'd most like to see improvement on.

With that said, I'd like to focus on Instagram and ensuring I post at least once or twice a day and trying my hardest to build a larger audience. I've struggled with Instagram in the past, as most users seem to have, with building and maintaining engagement but it is one of my favourite social networks, considering my passions are photography and particularly kids fashion, so it is something I'd like to put the effort into growing (let's give it one last shot).

Photography is also something I would like to work on and be more creative with when it comes to sharing photos on my blog. Though I enjoy writing occasionally, it certainly isn't my forte and sometimes I'd love to simply be able to share a beautiful string of lookbook-style photographs, especially considering how much I've come to love kid's fashion over the last few months, instead of worrying about the words behind it. I'm going to stick my creative head on and think of a beautiful way to share my fashion posts without having to use too many words to express our adventures.

The blogging community is a large and wonderful place and last year I saw so much kindness amongst it, making friends with those who have always inspired me and receiving invaluable advice and support that I was so grateful for. This year, I'd like to take a leaf out of the same book and ensure I'm giving back to the community as much as I'm receiving. I'd like to share more of those blogger's posts whom I love and know would be grateful for the extra push and offer advice wherever possible, as well as making sure I compliment those openly and don't just simply imagine the thoughts without expressing them.

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