My Mothers Day Playlist: Top 5 Songs

Earlier today, I came across a lovely post by Mama Mim all about her 'Top 5 Songs for Mothers Day' playlist and I was inspired to write my own. I've always loved music, as well as Mr J (we even swapped iPods when we first met to listen to each others music, cheesy fact of the day), so we were delighted when Archie started dancing & jigging to every song he heard, that kid has crazy good rhythm for a 14 month old, he can even outshake Mummy with his funky moves.

14 month old baby wearing headphones title image

I asked Mim if I could borrow her idea and link up with her playlist, so if you'd like to create your own, feel free to comment or tweet myself (@helloarchie_) or Mim (@mamamim) with your #songsformum and we'll link up our posts with yours!

#1  In My Arms - Plumb

I've loved this song since the very first time I heard it (way before pregnancy) on a particularly dramatic episode of One Tree Hill (Jamie almost drowns, ahh!). After listening to it on repeat for a few days, my Mum and Dad discovered their love for it too and now both of them have the album. Of course now I have A, the song holds a much deeper meaning for me.

#2  You Are My Sunshine - Jimmie Davis

This vintage tune holds special memories for me as I've been singing it to little A since he was born. He makes me the proudest, happiest Mummy in the world so it always seems quite fitting.

#3  Still Fighting It - Ben Folds

I've only recently discovered this song, an ode to an adolescent son and the pain of growing up. It's funny & heartwarming, definitely check it out!

#4  Save Rock and Roll - Fall Out Boy

Even just reading the title of this song hits me with a fresh wave of nausea. Unfortunately, I purchased this album whilst in my first trimester of pregnancy and now when I listen to it, all I can think about is the intense feeling of sickness and sitting next to a bowl all day. Besides that, I absolutely love it.

#5  Shake It Off - Taylor Swift

This one has to be on the list as it's probably the first song Archie really loved. He is obsessed with Miss Swift (I'm pretty sure she's his first crush); he varies between staring transfixed at the screen and wiggling his bum!

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