Review: Moonys! The Organic Japanese Pull-ups

Review: Moonys! The Organic Japanese Pull-ups Review: Moonys! The Organic Japanese Pull-ups Review: Moonys! The Organic Japanese Pull-ups

Through no fault of my own, I seem to have been forced into the world of potty training by my eager toddler. The day I realised this was happening was just like any other; I had no idea A even knew what a potty was when he happened upon it, dragged it from behind the door, sat on it and did a massive wee!

Ever since that day, we've been following his lead; he'll happily use the potty before bath time and any time we let him fly around in the nudies, but he's still struggling with actually removing any items of clothing to go (lazy monkey).

It was around this time, we were conveniently asked to review some Japanese pull-ups; Moonys, to be precise (the best name for toddler nappies considering Archie spends the majority of his time doing a 'moony'). As pants weren't doing the job yet (he'd just pee right through them), we thought pull-ups would be the next logical step to help, and after reading about how soft and sensitive to the skin they were, we were looking forward to trying them out!

Review: Moonys! The Organic Japanese Pull-ups
A little bit about Moony's

• The lining is really soft and suitable for babies or toddlers with sensitive skin.
• They're slim and have an elasticated lining around the legs as to not restrict toddler movement (as we all know, they quite literally can't stop).
• They use specially designed microporous material and evaporation cells to ensure that no liquid is left on the baby's skin.
• They have a urine indicator so you can know for sure when a wee has slipped out.

When the pull-ups arrived, I couldn't help but love the packaging. Regular readers will know I'm obsessed with Japanese things (mostly candy) as they take such care with the design of their packaging and this range of nappies and pull-ups are no exception. The colours were gorgeous and bright and there were illustrations of popular characters such as Winnie-the-Pooh on them. They're so interesting that A wouldn't leave them alone and was intrigued as to what was inside (sorry kiddo, no chocolate in there).

I was pleasantly surprised to find that they're really slim, just like pants, so they fit underneath clothes nicely and are easy to pull up and down. Even when full to capacity, we've experienced no sagging at all which is amazing; they're still just as slim saving an awkwardly toddling toddler with a massive packet of wee between his legs. Sadly, A is yet to master the pulling up, but is more than happy to pull them down, kick them off and shake his willy about, though this is through no fault of the pull-ups themselves.

Review: Moonys! The Organic Japanese Pull-ups

They are a really good fit, wouldn't tear or rip easily and we're yet to see any red marks left on Archie's skin, considering they are quite snug on him, so I can fully believe they're a great quality for baby skin. We haven't used them as often as we'd like yet, but I can see they'll be great for night time when A is eventually dry during the day, and they'll certainly be comfy enough for him to sleep in.

They also have a handy sticky tab on the font and it took me a while to realise that this is for when the pull-ups have been soiled; you can simply pull it off, roll it up and stick in place until you can bin it; I loved this as it makes them so much easier to deal with, especially when a dreaded #2 happens!

Though the Japanese nappies and pull-ups range are rather expensive compared to your average pack of nappies (around £20-£25 a pack) and are currently only available in the UK via Amazon, I really can't fault them. I love how soft they are against Archie's skin and really, the price seems worth the high-quality nappy or pull-up you're getting if you find you can afford them.

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