May goals.

May goals - Beautiful pink blossom tree close-up against blue Summer's day sky taken on a NikonD3300

Lately, I've been pretty down in the dumps and I'm making a conceited effort to pull myself out of a rut. Last month, I was struck down with not 1, but 2 awful illnesses and for the first time ever, Mr J had to stay home to help me out with the boys. I know it's because I've been doing far too much, not eating well and trying to cope with the sleep deprivation on my own, so now we're all feeling so much better, I want to get out & about and have fun with the boys this month. I love the idea of writing monthly goals so I can look back and see how successful we've been on following through.

May goals - Mother with baby pink hair cuddling little boy wearing Mamas & Papas dungarees on Summers Day

Come on, Summer!

01 Be kind to myself.
If I've learnt anything from the horror that was April, it's that I need to grab any time to myself that I can. We were all pretty poorly last month and it was the first time I haven't been able to fully be there for the boys. I realised I've been doing too much and running myself into the ground all because I think I should be Super Mum. I often feel guilty on Mr J's days off about wanting some time to myself as he works so hard, but the odd few hours to myself does me the world of good and I want to make more of an effort this month to just get in some time away from the kiddies.

02 Get blorganised.
I've lost my way a bit with blogging recently and though I'm posting regularly again, I've stopped writing down deadlines and organising posts in my diary, meaning most of the time I'm completely lost. I need to start using my planner again just so I know what's coming next.

03 Clean my car.
Ok, bit of an anti-climactic goal but my car is awful. It's one of those things that always gets bumped to the bottom of my huge to-do list and it desperately needs doing. I'm not very optimistic that the outside will actually get washed (I might cheat and use the car-wash), but I'd be happy enough to just clear all the crap from the inside.

04 Re-designing my About & Contact pages
Something I've been putting off for so long but desperately needs doing. I always focus on blogging and neglect the other pages of my blog but after spotting they're not working responsively (on every device) very well, it's something I definitely need to bump up the list. I actually want to have some fun with those pages and include some colours and graphics; might as well make the most of that graphic design degree ey!

05 Cut my hair. *shocked face emoji*
This is a big deal as I've been growing my hair for years and every single time I cut it, I regret it almost instantly BUT it's now the length I envisioned it and I never do anything with it. It's not in great condition and I really can't afford to keep buying expensive shampoo/conditioners and it's so thick I struggle to brush it when it's dry, let alone wet. My 3 year old constantly tells me to put your hair up, Mummy, I don't like it (nice kid) so I'm considering a drastic change.

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