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Two young brothers playing with cars at the front of terraced house, wearing Bobo Choses AW17 clothing

I used to wholeheartedly avoid taking photos in our home, favouring the great outdoors; I've spoken previously about how we're not in our forever home, but our "Quick, there's a baby coming!" home, and as happy as I was to move in and for us to own something that was just ours, I've always felt unhappy with the way our home looks. We moved in without realising how much really needed to be done, and rush decorated; two small children later and it's difficult to find the time and money to redecorate the way we would like, but we're getting there.

We've been making small steps to improving our home since we moved in and I've become more comfortable with taking photos indoors; I used to think I'd never be able to really capture a great shot but some of those I love the most have been taken inside, and when it comes to Winter, there's not much choice but to get creative inside when the wind is roaring outdoors. Here are a few tips to finding areas of your home to take great photos in, whether you love your house or not, and how you can improve things going forward when money is tight.

Young boy wearing Bobo Choses mercredi nautical sweatshirt playing with toy train at front of house taken on Nikon D3300 Dad cuddling and playing with two young sons on the sofa, relaxing and cuddling in Winter months Two young brothers playing with cars at the front of terraced house, wearing Bobo Choses AW17 clothing Young boy wearing Mini Rodini unicorn blue onesie sitting on sofa next to large window for portrait shot

We have a large window to the left of Archie in this shot that lets through an afternoon glow, casting light on his left side, making for great portrait shots.

Find your favourite spots.
I feel like every photography post I've ever written starts with talking about the light, but there's good reason, it's the easiest way to get a great in-focus shot, and it can transform any photo depending on the time of day. I love taking photos of the boys playing in the porch together in the afternoon (when the sun shines on the front of our house) and next to the large window indoors. In the morning, the sun rises through our double doors at the back of the house casting some beautiful rays through the living room where these photos were taken (fun fact: I had to open them and stand in the garden to frame them right!). Even the smallest of houses will have their special spots for photos.

Buy for the future.
The majority of the walls in our home need re-plastering and re-painting and it's simply not possible for us to afford the work right now, but what we can do is plan and purchases for the future. Any furniture or home accessories (like this variety of accessories from LionsHome) we buy in the meantime, are decided by whether they'd fit for the style we want our house to be, not the way it looks for now. It means we still have beautiful decor that we love included in photos and that when we are able to fix the walls and decorate, we'll have the furniture to fit, even if it doesn't quite match for now.

Capture the moment.
At the end of the day, taking photos of your family and children are about the moment that's happening right in front of you. Beyond all else, your subjects will shine regardless of where a photo is taken or what's surrounding them. I didn't think the photos above of Mr J and the boy's would come out particularly well but I wanted to record them anyway, as I know he'd love to have them. Turns out they came out great, showing a bond between the three of them and with a low shutter speed, alot of undesired background can be blurred away anyhow.

I hope these tips have helped for those who struggle with indoor photography; this Winter I've learned to love my home, regardless of it's flaws, and have realised that perfection isn't necessary, but recording memories is integral. What are your tips for photographing indoors when you're not entirely happy with the surroundings?

Disclosure; This post was written in collaboration with Lions Home.

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