June goals.

June goals - Watermelon notepad, doodles, mermaid pens and purple stocks flatlay with Homesense taken on a NikonD3300

It's been interesting to read back over my goals last month and see which ones I actually achieved and which ones I most definitely haven't. Here's a quick recap:

01 Be kind to myself.
Thankfully, I've been feeling alot healthier this month, but I wouldn't say I've really taken much time for myself. I have been trying harder though, so probably one to continue working on.

02 Get blorganised.
I think I actually have been more organised when it comes to my blogging life; I've been starting to fill up my planner again and I feel as if I'm almost on top of any reviews/posts I need to publish. I don't feel completely snowed under for once.

03 Clean my car.
*whistles* Ok, this one I didn't do, and I probably won't do it this month either, but I will consider a car-wash.

04 Redesigning my About and Contact pages.
Yes! I completely re-organised the pages and categories of my blog this month and I'm beyond happy with the outcome. I've actually renamed my info pages as well, so here's my shiny new About Our Family page, and here's the new Contact Work with Us page. I'd appreciate any feedback, so let me know what you think (ps. linger on the titles).

05 Cut my hair.
Nope, didn't follow through with this one. I started the month so adamant I was going to chop all of my hair off into a beautiful wavy, long bob, but I bottled it. It's probably a good thing, as I've rushed into it so many times before and instantly regretted my decision. I do, however, need to sort my terrible roots out (again) and look after the condition of my hair more.

June goals - Watermelon notepad, doodles, mermaid pens and purple stocks flatlay with Homesense taken on a NikonD3300 June goals - Watermelon notepad, doodles, mermaid pens and purple stocks flatlay with Homesense taken on a NikonD3300

This month's favourite find via Homesense; my mermaid pens!

Now onto my goals for June..

01 Go to bed early, woman!
I am completely and utterly exhausted. Jesse's sleep hasn't improved so I'm up alot during the night with him. However, I refuse to give up my child-free evenings, so I've been staying up until 11pm not really doing alot. This month, I need to accept that fact and lose a few of those evenings to catch some zzz's. I am so tired.

02 Get sorted!
Now, my blogging affairs are running fairly smoothly, I need to figure out what I'm doing elsewhere. My maternity leave comes to an end next month and I have a few important decisions to make, mostly with finances. Things are tough at the moment as our childcare fees are extortionate and I don't really know what on earth I'm doing! This, obviously needs figuring out asap, and I hope by the end of the month I'm feeling a bit more certain about the future.

03 Reach 4000 followers on Twitter.
Twitter is the platform I've neglected most recently. As I enjoy sharing photography more, Instagram has been my social media network of choice but my largest following is via Twitter, so this month I want to finally reach the big 4k and tweet more. When I am quite vocal over there, I get such alot of support from everyone and I'm starting to see the awesome side of Twitter again, besides the promotion.

04 Start planning for Jesse's 1st birthday.
Somehow, my little baby is going to be 1 in a couple of months and I've no idea what to buy him! Being the second-time round, I'm not in a rush to get lots he won't really play with, especially as he's more than happy to play with his brother's toys, but I'd like to get him one bigger gift that will last a while. Any suggestions below would be much appreciated.

Disclosure; The products featured in the photos above were purchased at Homesense, who sent us a gift card to reimburse us for the cost in exchange for sharing some of our favourite things with you.

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