So, it happened.

So, it happened. One whole year since a home birth turned a little awry, since one little boy became two, since quite possibly my last child graced us dramatically with his presence. We all feel it, don't we? Our babies growing up so fast that we realise just how fleeting that first year is. It's so incredible and difficult all at the same time, and so bittersweet when it passes us by.


It's been so long since we last visited the weigh-in clinic and we do really need to, but Jesse eats (and breastfeeds) regularly and well so we have no concerns about weight. He's mostly in size 12-18 month clothes but can also fit into 9-12 months at the moment (just without the wriggle room).


For a while, we couldn't figure out why Jesse was turning his nose up to meals all of a sudden, turns out it's because he wanted to feed himself. As soon as we reluctantly handed over the reins, he began to happily demolish the majority of what we put in front of him. Each meal time ends in food on the floor/walls/ceiling, but we can't complain when most of it ends up in his tummy. He also still breastfeeds around 3/4 times a day and who knows how many times at night!


This month, I talked a whole lot about sleep over on our YouTube channel if you want to hear a bit more in-depth into my thoughts on how we're getting on. We're still facing similar issues to what we always have but the way we're facing them and how we feel has changed entirely so that it's not so much of an issue anymore. I only have a quick bedtime routine with JB, pyjamas/music/breastfeed, and he's nursed to sleep (we also co-sleep). The way we've approached sleep matters this time around is entirely different to with A, but he's a different child and I've stopped putting so much pressure on training him to sleep through the night; one day he'll do it all of his own accord but for now he still needs us close.


He's oh-so close to walking; he keeps pushing himself up to stand without aid, and he's done a good few steps as long as someone has their arms out for him to fall into. He scoots around from furniture to furniture and I know it won't be long now before he's really on the move. Honestly, I'm absolutely dreading having two little boys wandering off in different directions so I'm happy for this milestone to take it's time. In other news, he mimics our movements and sounds and is starting to sound like he's speaking some words (noticeable hello and no/yes).


I always thought having a second child would feel the same to the first, but it couldn't have been more different. I've savoured every single moment of this first year, holding my baby close, putting off any form of sleep training and not worrying about weaning from breastfeeding because I know just how quickly this time will pass. I've been so much more relaxed and able to enjoy each milestone rather than eagerly await the next one. I really look at Jesse on a regular basis and I try to take in the curls at the nape of his neck, the beautiful gap between his teeth and his smooth baby skin.

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