The Best Way You Can Spend a Weekend

We had an amazing time this weekend, with Archie's brother, Fin, coming to visit and Mr J off all weekend plus a lovely day out with my wonderful in-laws planned! Archie got to experience his first ever Nando's (and was pretty underwhelmed as he's not a huge lover of meat) and mostly ate frozen yoghurt, and on Sunday we visited Roves Farm and went out for dinner with our family from Gloucester.

Mummy and toddler eating out at Nandos, Swindon

On Saturday, we couldn't decide on where we all wanted to go for dinner so we visited the new centre at Regent Circus as I'd heard there were lots of new places to eat and we weren't disappointed. We now have a Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Coal Grill & Bar, ASK Italian, Prezzo and Nandos. It took us a while to decide (taking into account what our baby boy will actually eat!) but we decided to head to Nandos (annoyingly the only one with a queue).

Father and son eating out at Nandos, Swindon

Luckily, we were in and seated within 10 minutes and Archie was more than happy to be entertained by his big brother and crunch away at an everest of crushed ice while we waited for our food. He was really well-behaved, though we've never had an issue with him eating out before, besides when he gets restless and wants to be off on his feet (which happens alot these days).

On Sunday, we arranged to meet up with Mr J's Mum Sue, brother Matt, sister Hannah, her husband, Andy, and their wonderful brood for a day out at Roves Farm in Sevenhampton, just outside of Swindon. We all get along really well yet rarely get to spend much time together due to Mr J working most weekends and his family living in Gloucester, so we took this opportunity to get together and let the kids have some fun.

Babies playing in ball pit at Roves Farm, Swindon Babies playing in ball pit at Roves Farm, Swindon Babies playing in ball pit at Roves Farm, Swindon Young baby smiling in swings at Roves Farm, Swindon Young baby cousins in swing together at Roves Farm, Swindon

The indoor play area was huge and had so many great features for kids of all ages. Not only did the big kids (including Mr J) have a great time chasing each other through the tunnels and riding on the slides, but the babies got to play in the swings (and one big swing together) and get an under 5's ball pit all to themselves. There's also a sandpit (that we didn't get time to venture into, thankfully) and a bouncy castle, as well as lots of mini tractors for them all to ride-on.

Archie got to spend lots of bonding time with his baby cousin, Aiden (pictured on the right, above) who's 6 months younger than him, though they do look much closer in age than that! I also got a chance to get some great shots with my new camera (which also took a few bangs like a pro).

Pigs with baby piglets at Roves Farm, Swindon Pigs with baby piglets at Roves Farm, Swindon Young boy holding baby goat at Roves Farm, Swindon Young boy with brother holding baby goat at Roves Farm, Swindon

After finishing up in the play area, we wandered off to see some of the animals and lucky for us, it's baby season! Not only did we see a variety of baby piggies all at different ages (even some teeny tiny ones), but we got to see lamb and best of all, some 2 week old baby goats! Archie's cousin, Cauley and brother, Finley, even got to hold them for a while and have a sneaky cuddle.

After leaving Roves Farm, we decided to go out for dinner together and ended up at The Sun Inn which has recently had a huge revamp and extension. It was busy, but luckily we found two tables close together (tricky as there was 11 of us altogether); the babies even got to sit together and share sticky fingers (and dribbled-on bits of food, yum!).

Young baby cousins in high chairs together at Sun Inn, Swindon Young baby cousins in high chairs together at Sun Inn, Swindon Young baby cousins in highchairs at the Sun Inn, Swindon

We had a really fantastic weekend and unfortunately Mr J is back to work now after a week off, but on the plus side, we'll be arranging more visits with our family soon and even organising little A's second ever holiday in the Summer. The best part is that this time I'll be able to see him run around and wiggle his little bum at the baby-ladies on the dancefloor!

Birthday present parcels received from penpal

To top it all off, I received a package full of amazing birthday presents from Miss Cadi Skye Iona Evans (you can read all about this lovely lady here). I love each and every one of them and feel like an amazingly spoiled Mama!

Hope you all had a good weekend, xoxo

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