How to Holiday Like a Wizard - Scotland Style

Previously, I outlined how my toddler hates me because I can't do magic. Well, to strive to be a better Mother, I decided to do a little research into how I could possibly hone my non-magical skills, and the only realistic solution I could come up with was to apply to attend the one & only, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Makes complete sense, right?

How to Holiday Like a Wizard - Scotland Style

I'm actually proud to announce I'm now a member of the Parent Friendly Stays #parentpanel for 2015 and this month, we've been asked to write about the wonders of holidaying in Scotland! Since the devastation and tears that occurred on my eleventh birthday due to the trauma of not receiving my Hogwarts letter, I've decided to fight for my right to make magic once again (if anything, to create a spell that can end toddler tantrums and explosive nappies forever).

I've never been to Scotland but it's always been on my travelling to-do list and as a huge fan of fantasy, I'd love to be able to visit a few famous film locations whilst there. It's a pretty magical place, full of fantastic views and I've picked out a few great places you might enjoy visiting, especially if you're a family of film-lovers.

The Isles of Glencoe Hotel

How to Holiday Like a Wizard - Isles of Glencoe Hotel at night

If you're looking for a bed to slytherin to for the night, this hotel looks ahh-mazing! The hotel has gorgeous views of the Loch and Pap of Glencoe and of the mountains of Movern (I've no idea what either of those are, but a quick Google search shows me that they're definitely amazing to look at).

You can enjoy some traditional Scottish food in the Lochside restaurant (no butterbeer though, I'm afraid), or have a relaxing afternoon lounging by the pool and enjoying the heat of the sauna, whilst the other half takes the kids out to the nearby Oban Sea Life Centre, a sanctuary for orphaned seal pups.

How to Holiday Like a Wizard - Isles of Glencoe Hotel Family room

The feature rooms are especially fantastic for families, as you can fit 2-3 children comfortably in the room with you, but the kids are seperated by a nifty cocoon-like wall (no gryffin-doors!) and even have their own TV, so you & your partner can still get a little privacy too.

The Action Glen

How to Holiday Like a Wizard - The Action Glen: Outdoor Water Sports

Close to the hotel is the Action Glen for some real outdoor sports, time to try out all of those things you neville thought you'd do! Take part in water sports from kayaking to stand-up paddling (which looks alot better than it sounds). Also, soon you'll be able to take part in land activites, such as archery (aka practicing your spell-throwing aim for future duels!) and mountain biking.

The Jacobite Steam Train

How to Holiday Like a Wizard - The Jacobite Steam Train: Glenfinnian Viaduct
The Jacobite Steam Train runs from Fort William to Mallaig - and is more famously known as the as the Hogwarts Express! If you've ever wanted to embody the know-it-all attitude of Hermione Granger (of which I tend to do daily) or thought you'd be able to whip your wand around with the effortlessness of the famous Mr Potter, there's no better place to try than whilst relaxing on the historic Jacobite, envisioning your future career in wizardry.

Alnwick Castle

How to Holiday Like a Wizard - Alnwick Castle: Flying Lessons

And finally, on your way home, stop off at Alnwick Castle (aka Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry) to drop off your application (letters are for muggles). Alnwick is a huge thousand-year-old historic castle where famous Harry Potter scenes were filmed, rememberall the Ford Anglia crashing into the Whomping Willow? The first flying lesson? All filmed at Alnwick.

If you time it right, you can even take part in a broomstick-training session (Mar 27 - Nov1, 2015) in exactly the same spot that Harry & the gang had their first flying lesson, seriously. After that, you can head inside and pick up your wands and Hogwarts robes ready for the school year ahead! Dream. Come. True.

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