A Mother Returning to the Workplace

As of this month, I am not only a full-time Mummy, but a part-time working Momma as well. It's amazing to be back at work (I'm one of those lucky few that works for a great company, doing a job that I love) and bittersweet realising that my baby boy is growing up way too fast. It's been a much smoother transition than I imagined it to be and I wanted to share the pros & cons of working and being a SAHM.

One tired boy before nursery, our lovely relaxing lighting at the office & my welcome back!

Having to leave Archie at nursery is hard, I knew it would be difficult to hand over my baby, and even harder not to take him back when he's upset and reaching out for me, but I didn't think about how good it would be for us both. Luckily, Archie stops crying almost immediately as long as I make it a swift handover, and he ends up having a fantastic time playing with things I'd never dream of digging out at home (they literally spread paint and jelly on the floor and let the kids flail about in it). It's also great for him to socialise poke, prod & chew the other babies, and build bonds with people other than me. I also didn't realise that as hard as it is to drop him off in the morning, picking him up is the best part of my day and I get greeted with the hugest smiles and cuddles.

We finally get to add me to the 'About' section of our website

And for me? I selfishly get to spend the day relaxing, drinking (and finishing) a cup of tea and indulging in a bit of adult interaction (and graphic designing, of course). To visit the wonderful Planet website (designed by yours truly), press the button below.

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