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[This post is written in collaboration with Yorkshire Linen]

We've recently given our living room a bit of an overhaul; it's been a long time coming and after discovering our walls would need re-plastering and our floor replacing, we decided to strip everything back and start again. It's now almost complete and refreshing and worth every second of hard work and tears (and there were lots of those). Once we'd finished however, we realised that a few other rooms could use an update but with little budget remaining we started to look at some simpler and more affordable ways we could improve them without breaking the bank.

The windows of any room are among the most important, bringing in the light (something I'm always searching for as a photographer) and opening up the space we have to work with and I realised that dressing them could make such a huge difference. The options are endless, with umpteen different colours and patterns to choose from as well as textures and lengths; each one can make a different impact on any room. If you're looking for somewhere to start, Yorkshire Linen have a fantastic variety to choose from. It's not just the look of the curtains you need to consider, but also the types of ways you're able to hang them, here are a few of the most common types:

Eyelet Curtains
Eyelet curtains are probably the ones you're more likely to know than any other, they have eyelets/rings at the top of the curtain and you can thread them through directly onto a pole.

Tab Top Curtains
Similar to eyelet curtains, but with loops of fabric at the top so you can thread them directly onto a pole. The top will cause a different shape as the eyelets have to be hung in a concertina pattern whereas the tab top curtains will hang straight.

Slot Top Curtains
These curtains offer a ruffled pattern or gathering at the top due to the way they are hung on the pole.

An alternative to net curtains, voiles are hung from a net rod or net wire, and add a beautiful touch to any room, allowing for privacy but also ensuring light will continue to shine through.

Blackout Curtains
Some people like to use curtains to ensure they can black out the light completely; being parents, we all know of the benefits this can hold for our kids, especially during the Summer months. We have a blackout blind for our youngest that works incredibly well to convince him it is in fact bed time! These curtains are usually hung using hooks to ensure they are gathered tightly together and don't allow any light through.

If you're looking to give your room a mini makeover on a small budget, I'd highly recommend considering giving your windows a little love, it's amazing what a difference it can make.

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