From Bump to Blog - A BiB Nominee!

Just under a year ago, fresh from surviving the fourth trimester, I decided it was finally time to start a blog and get all of our memories down in writing (and pictures). So, with a wine glass full of cranberry juice in one hand (bloody breastfeeding), a laptop in the other (I had truly learned the meaning of multi-tasking) and occasionally a wrinkly newborn strapped to my chest, I started building Hello Archie, and a few days later I published my very first blog post (if you're interested, that's my birth story).

Are you here because you'd like to vote for Hello Archie to be a finalist in the Brilliance in Blogging awards? If you want to skip the crap and go straight to finding out how to vote, click here for the details.

In a few days time, Hello Archie will turn 1 and I've been blessed with a top 10 nomination for the BritMums 'Fresh Voice' Brilliance in Blogging award to celebrate that – how amazing!

From Bump to Blog - A BiB Nominee!

So, a huge thankyou to all of those who nominated us and for those who take the time to read Hello Archie and comment on our posts. Though I wrote my first post a year ago, I've only been making a real go of it for the past 4/5 months (regular updates/promoting myself/social media) so I'm astounded at the following I've gathered in that time and so chuffed to have met so many other fantastic bloggers.

So, for any new readers, welcome to our space on the internet where I post about the good side of parenting, the bad and the downright disgusting. To our returning readers, thanks for everything that you've done so far, we'll continue to do what we do and improve our standard of blogging and content and hopefully keep you all wanting to return!

Check out the BritMums BiB awards 2015 shortlist to see us and all of the other fantastic blogs nominated this year!

Hello Archie blog - Picture of Archie & Mommy

How to Vote

If you'd like to vote for Hello Archie to be a finalist (top 5!) and to be in with a real shot of winning a Brilliance in Blogging award (*wets self with excitement*), you can vote for us here:

Fill out your Name and E-mail, then check 'Hello Archie' under the Fresh Voice category. You don't have to vote for anyone else in any other category, but of course, you can if you'd like to (there are some fantastic blogs nominated). Just scroll to the bottom, 'submit' and you're done!

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