From Awkward to Awards - BiBs, Here We Come!

I still can't believe it, we've made the finals of the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2015, how did that happen? If you're a regular follower of Hello Archie, you'll recall me asking initially for nominations for the Fresh Voice category of the BiBs, and then announcing that I'd made the top 10, then on Friday we all bum-numbingly waited, refreshing the BritMums Twitter page every 20 seconds, to hear who would be the finalists.

There are 12 categories, and only 5 out of the 10 in each category will be finalists. The finalists all get to attend the awards ceremony at the BritMums Live conference in June and the winners will be announced on the night by Carol Smilie.

From Bump to Blog - A BiB Nominee!

When I made the shortlist, I was in complete shock. As a relatively new blogger, still low on the food chain, I never thought I'd be in with a shot of making it but I thought I'd give it a go anyway, get some promoting practice in for next years awards, then somehow I made the shortlist and I let out an almighty scream (though inwardly, as baby was napping).

I let myself think about how it would feel to make the final 5, but as it's such a strong category that included some of my favourite bloggers, I knew I couldn't be too downhearted if I didn't. On Friday 22nd May, the finalists were announced and with my heart in my mouth, I opened the link and couldn't believe my eyes, we were on there!

From Bump to Blog - A BiB Nominee! From Bump to Blog - A BiB Nominee!

'Hello Archie' as a finalist on the BritMums site and inwardly squealing with joy (baby asleep)

Sorry for rambling on, I just wanted you all to know exactly what the awards mean to me, a new blog on the block, and I want you to know just how grateful I am that you took your time to vote for me. I now get the amazing opportunity of attending the " title="BritMums BiBs Awards 2015">Brilliance in Blogging awards in London (at a gorgeous swanky venue - The Brewery) and though I'm under no impressions I'll win, I get to feel that slight tingle in my tummy that there's a tiny chance that I might and that's all down to you!

Check out the BritMums BiB awards 2015 finalists to see Hello Archie and all of the other fantastic blogs that made the finals this year!

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