Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!

Days have passed and I'm finally coming to the realisation that my baby's first birthday and Christmas are leaving us behind -takes 10 minutes to sob in the corner-. I am now left with an (almost) toddler and my god, is he letting me know! I feel as if I haven't really seen him for the last few months and now when I look at him, he's an actual child. He's huge! And such a boy (in the most gender-neutral way possible). He strops, he chucks food on the floor, he tries to gouge people's eyes out, it's so awesome.

12 month old baby Fisher Price Ballapalooza 12 month old baby first birthday decorations Santa baby with Mummy and Daddy

I digress, this post is mostly a picture dump of our Christmas and Archie's first birthday. I'll be posting about little A's first birthday party in a seperate post (as there are lots of images to trawl through). I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and great birthdays (to all fellow Christmas babies) and Happy New Year, guys.

12 month old baby opening his Christmas presents 12 month old baby with his birthday balloons 12 month old baby opening his birthday presents

Little A wasn't really interested in the presents at first (before he knew that there were toys inside them) but by the end of the morning and after lots of practice, he was an absolute pro. It was great to watch him ripping into them all, intrigued to see what he'd been given.

12 month old baby with his Lost My Name book 12 month old baby playing with his Janod rocket 12 month old baby playing with Elmo

As far as we can tell, so far A's favourite presents seem to be his Fisher-Price Ballapalooza and his lion rocker. He's only been out in his smart trike once but seemed to be loving it. We're looking forward to wrapping him up (in clothes, not paper) and taking him out in it for a long walk.

12 month old baby dressed as Christmas pudding 12 month old wearing first birthday badge 12 month old baby taking a nap

A decided to take a quick nap while we ate dinner, but had a roast when he woke up and absolutely loved it. He's now been treated to leftover Bubble & Squeak every day since, which I think he's beginning to get sick of!

12 month old baby smiling in highchair 12 month old playing in ball pit 12 month old baby playing on lion rocker

& of course, Mummy got some pretty awesome presents too..

Urban Outfitters unicorn kigu New Look unicorn slippers

Baby's First Christmas by Leelee Loves

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