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13 month old baby wearing Next onesie

Happy Friday! Archie's been feeling much better this week and got to spend a couple of days with Nanny & Grandad due to it being half-term (he doesn't have to attend nursery during the school holidays as Nanny is a teaching assistant). He was (unsurprisingly) spoiled with dinner and an afternoon out at Kidz About, though I think he tired his grandparents out more than they did him.

We bought this awesome onesie from Next a long time ago now, in fact I have pictures of A wearing it at 7 months old (with the sleeves folded up a few hundred times), and now at 14 months he's close to being out of it (so it lasted us a good while). Right now it fits perfectly and is great for when he's running around the house as the legs aren't so long that they roll down under his feet. It's also lovely, fleecy and warm!

13 month old baby wearing Next

Archie and I decided to take Grandad to the park today as a treat and A also had a great time on the swings (as usual), roundabout and see-saw. It was his first time playing on anything other than a swing and his little happy face was adorable. He stood/sat so patiently while we pushed him around on the and laughed his head off when we jumped up & down with him on the see-saw; it all reminds me that he's growing up so fast!







13 month old baby wearing Ladybird hoody 13 month old baby wearing Ladybird hoody

Archie's awesome hoody & hat were both gifts from friends & family

This week, we finally got around to purchasing A a new car seat. He still just about fits his original baby carrier but now hates having to be in the laid down position (as he believes he is an adult and should sit fully upright like the rest of us) and has hardly any growing room left. We wanted to extend rearward face for as long as we possibly can, so we waited a little longer so that we could get a seat that fulfilled all of our requirements.

We finally settled on this Britax Dualfix which is fantastic. We can rearward face Archie up until age 4 if we want to and it swivels to the side so that I can strap him in, then turn him to the back (makes life so much easier!). It's also isofix, which is something I wanted so that I know he's as secure as he possibly can be for every car journey.







13 month old baby wearing George and Mothercare

Thanks for tuning in to this week's #fashionfriday. This is the first week I've been attempting to blog at least every other day, so if you're not bored of us, check out my other posts this week: The Best Way to Spend a Weekend & 3 Things I Did to Get my Baby to Sleep.

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