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13 month old baby wearing Next, Baby Gap & Zara

Archie's feeling lots better so we've had a fab Friday and a sneaky visit to pick up A's brother and see our lovely in-laws today. I've been enjoying my new camera and taking hundreds of pictures trying to get used to which settings will prove best for targeting a very fast toddler, but I think I'm getting there. All of the shots below and from now on will mostly be taken using my Canon EOS M - if you're looking for a new camera or want an idea on how this one works, feel free to drop me an e-mail and I'll be happy to have a chat.

A has had this romper from M&S for quite a while and he's worn it absolutely loads since we first purchased it a few months ago. As he's growing so fast, it's not very often something will fit him for so long but this suit has done a fab job. We're always on the lookout for good rompers as Archie is constantly on his feet now but slips on our wood flooring when he wears a sleepsuit, yet most rompers we come across are quite flimsy & thin (and he still needs to be kept toasty warm).

Though their clothes tend to be a bit pricier than most places, the quality of them is great. This romper is really thick and the poppers never come undone (which happens with some of A's cheaper sleepsuits). I'm going to be gutted when he grows out of this (which is looking like it might be fairly soon).










13 month old baby wearing Next, Baby Gap & Zara 13 month old baby wearing Next, Baby Gap & Zara

I absolutely love these leggings from Zara, I only realised about a month ago that Zara even do baby clothes (I wish I'd known before because they're fab!), and these are thick and super soft and comfortable. I love the colour and bone pattern on them and they go with everything (but I love them with his white top from Baby Gap. A's gilet is from Next and it's still pretty huge on him (12-18 months). I absolutely love it, but it's really bulky & thick so best for being outside all day rather than in & out of shops and the car as there's no way he could wear this in his car seat (due to size and safety) so it's annoying taking it on and off him all day long. Though, we're going out for the day on Sunday which it'll be perfect for.

13 month old baby wearing Next and Baby Gap and Zara clothes

Thanks for reading this weeks Fashion Friday. I'll be back shortly with a review of a gorgeous Spanish tapas restaurant we visited in town (first date night since A was born for my birthday!) and a little update on our weekend.

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