Fashion Friday; Throwback Special // 004

13 month old baby wearing Mothercare romper and H&M hat and socks

We've had a couple of days from hell this week, unfortunately dealing with the MMR aftermath that I thought we may have avoided. 9 days after his injections, Archie spiked a 39.3 fever and has been extremely fussy, clingy and lethargic for the past 48 hours. Today has been one of the most challenging I've had since becoming a Mummy, and I'm not looking forward to another night of exhaustion, but little A is finally sleeping & I'm sitting here looking through pictures of my baby growing up over the past year and it gave me an idea.

13 month old baby wearing Little Bird from Mothercare pyjamas

We weren't going to participate in #fashionfriday this week, due to A being unwell, so instead we're doing a throwback special - some of my favourite pictures/outfits of A's over the past year and an excuse to scour through all of the cute baby photo's that I've taken over that time.

I loved these Mothercare rompers and remember keeping them for as long as I possibly could! They were really soft, no matter how many times I'd washed them and were super cute. They also kept little A nice & cool during the Summer months. The grey hat & sunshine yellow socks were both from H&M (one of my favourite places to buy baby clothes!).

These ridiculously 'cool' pyjamas are Little Bird by Jools Oliver (available at Mothercare). If you've read my previous #fashionfriday posts, you'll know that Little Bird is also one of my favourite brand of baby clothes. The retro/colourful style of clothing is gorgeous and I'm a complete sucker for splashing out when I get the chance.

13 month old baby wearing Next and H&M clothes

It's so strange seeing pictures of A with a huge dummy in his mouth as it feels like such a long time since we weaned him off of them. The Mickey Mouse top and red converse-style shoes are both from H&M and A's jacket and lovely trousers were bought at Next. H&M are great for quirky, different clothes that are really affordable and Next are good for when you're looking for something a little bit pricier and a little less baby-ish.

It's been wonderful looking through all of our old pics of little A this evening, especially after such a difficult day! The one thing I notice is that A's eyes were really dark brown, they've changed to more of a lighter brown over the past few months and this cute, chubby baby does make me a little bit broody (but then I remember today, and it disappears!).

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