Fashion Friday; Pyjama Special // 003

13 month old baby spelling out his name with wooden alphabet blocks

Most of the time, I go on about how Archie and I tend to hang around at home in our jammies (who doesn't?) instead of getting all dressed up, so I thought why not do a PJ special this week? It doesn't just have to be daywear that's awesome. I love pyjamas, more than I love actual clothes, so, once little A finished spelling out his name in alphabet blocks (ok, someone might've given him a hand there), we shot some PJ pics (including dozy, half-asleep child). There's also a bam-boomtastic surprise at the end..

13 month old baby wearing Little Green Radicals pyjamas and Mothercare Elmo slippers

I lovelovelove these PJs by Little Green Radicals. I bought them at the end of last year from TK Maxx knowing they wouldn't fit him for a while, but I couldn't pass them up as they were a bargain (LGR clothes tend to be quite pricey because they're organic). They're size 1-2 years and they fit him alot sooner than what I expected! We've had little A's slippers for quite a while (I think they might even be 6-9 months). They still just about fit him (dinky feet) and are great for keeping his feet warm now that he's walking (as they have grippy soles). Plus, he loves Elmo.

13 month old baby wearing Mr Men romper

We bought Archie's Mr Men romper from ASDA George in size 12-18 months, a complete bargain at £7. I didn't think it would fit him for a while as the legs tend to be too long in most of his sleepsuits but I'm glad I tried it on because it fits perfectly and is super cute!

13 month old baby wearing Milovia Bam Boom limited edition cloth nappy 13 month old baby wearing Milovia Bam Boom limited edition cloth nappy 13 month old baby wearing Milovia Bam Boom limited edition cloth nappy

Not an outfit, but a fashion statement all the same. This week, we received our limited edition bam boom Milovia nappy that we pre-ordered last month. I decided to take the plunge on this one as it's not only gorgeous, but I've heard great things about Milovia nappies and they haven't disappointed. We've only used it once so far, but the lining is ridiculously soft and the boosters seem as if they could soak up alot of liquid, not only that but it's got lots of room for him to grow and it dries super fast. I think I may have a new favourite reusable nappy.

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