Fashion Friday; Baby Got Back // 002

Baby Archie wearing Gap onesie

Welcome to week 2 of our Fashion Friday feature. I love getting A all dressed up nice & smart as most of the time we like to hang about in PJs and he has some great clothes that tend to get discarded and before I know it, they no longer fit! FF is a great excuse for us to get all dolled up (with nowhere to go, besides maybe the supermarket, or the swings). A tends to get through 2-4 outfits a day (he's a messy pup!), so here's my favourite outfits of today.

I lovelovelove this onesie (is it a onesie? I wouldn't call it a sleepsuit) from baby Gap. We have a Gap outlet store that tends to have great bargains on baby clothes and I happen to really adore everything I see. The closest non-outlet Gap we have is about 30-40 minutes away, and the last time we visited I fell in love with almost everything but they didn't seem to have alot in Archie's size (though I think that's because he's growing out of baby and moving into toddler sizes, bah!).

Baby Archie wearing Next top & jeans Baby Archie wearing Next top & jeans

Next is kind of our go-to place for great baby wear that's a little bit more pricey. They have an awesome collection and the clothes are great quality. This top is probably my favourite out of all of the t-shirts that Archie owns (which is alot) and it was pretty cheap at around £5.50 (cheap for Next anyway!). I also bought his jeans from Next at the same time and they have a great little black leather belt around the waist (hidden under his top in the picture), they're like miniature adult jeans. They're also not too hard (which I find tends to happen with baby jeans once they've been washed and I hate putting Archie in uncomfortable clothes).

Baby Archie wearing Next coat and converse shoes

Archie's coat is also from.. you guessed it, Next. I bought it before Christmas in 12-18 months and it's still a little big on him but it's gorgeous and keeps him so warm. I can't wait for him to grow into it properly so I don't have to keep playing hide'n'seek with his arms through the sleeves. A's shoes are white converse that we bought recently from Schuh. They're his first pair of walking shoes and he's still trying to get used to walking outside in them but he's getting there.

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