Fashion Friday; It's Quite A Banan-za! // 015







Toddler wearing H&M green coat and M&Co converse shoes t-shirt Toddler wearing H&M green coat and M&Co converse shoes t-shirt Toddler wearing H&M green coat and M&Co converse shoes t-shirt

Happy Friday, folks! We've had another extremely busy day, leaving Archie out for the count before 7pm (no chance of a lie-in tomorrow then). It was our second week at the local Jo Jingles baby group and this time we managed to turn up on time [insert smug emoji with sunglasses on here]! It's so interesting being able to see Archie communicate with other children and he certainly isn't shy - that kid was born to be a naughty leader! He was the only one to spot a box of tambourines hidden behind the teacher and went straight for them, leading the other kids in the process.


iPad mini


Toddler eating two bananas holding Woouf Barcelona iPad mini case Close-up of toddler concentrating on eating a banana Close-up of toddler having a tantrum over banana split in half

The appropriate reaction for someone who's split their banana in half..

A's green coat was purchased from H&M a little while ago now but it's always remained one of my favourites, I love the shade of green and it's quite making it perfect for the current warm (but breezy) weather we've been having. A's lovely tee was a gift from our beautiful friend, Cadi, and it's so silky smooth that I want one for myself, plus it's completely badass.

As you can see, A has been getting into shape-sorting recently and he's pretty good at it. I'm so proud of him, he'll sit his butt down for ages and concentrate on putting the shapes into the right (and sometimes wrong, but what the heck, it still goes in) slots and I never expected such determination from a little boy who normally has ants in his pants.

In the name of fashion, this week I treated myself to a gorgeous iPad mini case by Woouf. If you've seen this week's Monochrome Boys Playroom Inspiration post, you'll know that I'm obsessed with their cushions and only yesterday did I realise that they sell iPad cases too. Archie decided to show his own affection by sharing his smeared banana with said case, resulting in a mini heart attack from me.

Toddler with friend sitting on cars at soft play

This afternoon, we met up with one of my FBB's (friends before babies), Libby, and her beautiful daughter, Isla, whose around 2.5 months older than A, not that it bothered him. He was besotted with her, giving her tonnes of cuddles and pushing her around on her car (what a gent!). He also kept trying to shove help her about, not realising how forceful he was being, and lovingly tried to rip glide the hairclip from her hair. We all had loads of fun, and it was nice to catch-up with Libs as she's one of my only close friends with a similarly-aged baba.










Toddler wearing George Anchor shirt cuddling with Grandad Toddler wearing George anchor shirt playing in daffodils at Lydiard Park

Earlier this week, we took a trip with Nanny to Lydiard Park and I got a few shots of A playing in the daffodils (of which he's mesmerised by). This anchor shirt was bought from the George sale and it's awesome, looks like something straight out of Next (but for muchos cheaper), he looks like such a little Summery dude. Also, he's wearing soft-lined jeans (of which I've raved about in previous posts), also by George and they can be folded up easily to wear as shorts in warm weather.

Toddler discovers that he has two Winnie-the-Pooh comforters

And last but not least, A uncovered one of Mummy & Daddy's deep, dark secrets this week and found the second Winnie that we give him when the first Winnie is dirty beyond recognition. Luckily, he loves them both equally (so now we just have to buy a third Winnie to wash whilst he's looking after these two)..

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