So, you're still breastfeeding?

From 1 month to 1 year of breastfeeding

A quick search on Google brings up this fabulous definition of extended breastfeeding-

Nursing past your baby's first birthday is known as extended breastfeeding. In many countries, it's considered normal, healthy, and common.

In many countries, but of course, not all.

After giving up on breastfeeding with Archie 6 weeks in (and quickly regretting it), I was determined with Jesse to continue on for as long as possible. Hindsight served me well and I powered through every difficult stage knowing that it would all be worth it in the end. At a certain point, it stopped being difficult to carry on and soon became rather difficult to actually stop, and here we are, a year on and guess what?

I have no plans to stop.

It's a pretty taboo topic around these here parts (the United Kingdom), and honestly I think I know of maybe one or two other Mama's who are still breastfeeding past age one.

I get those comments, I'm sure alot of breastfeeding Mama's do.

He's almost 1? Haven't you stopped yet? You'll struggle to get him off now.

I've seen the looks when I breastfeed my almost one year old in public. I know what people are thinking when I plop my boob in his mouth at Nandos. But guess what? I don't care and I hope you don't either.

Since my tiny breasts grew (and swiftly stopped), they've been utterly useless. I've spent my life desperate to find the perfect push-up bra - the one that gives me an actual cleavage but not too much, dare I be falsely advertising. I was that girl, I admit, I was desperate for bigger breasts. It seemed like everyone had them, I wanted them too.

As years went by, I just sort of forgot about them. I aged, I realised boobs were not the way to attract a mate, I entered a long-term relationship, I didn't really need them anymore. Then I had a baby and they actually came into their own!

They were good at something. They were still pretty tiny, I couldn't see how on earth they had any milk in them, but by jove, they did. So much, in fact, I must've squirted each family member in the eye at least once. They produced that milk, they fed my babies and they still do to this day and I am so proud of that fact. Go boobies!

So, yep, I'm an extended breastfeeder. And nope, I have no plans to stop (I mean, obviously one day, but not right now).

It feels like my boobs finally have magical powers, and I'm milking it (excuse the pun).

The one thing I hate about extended breastfeeding though? The way my toddler likes to practice his pincer grip on my nipples. I'd like that to stop.

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