Exploring Dyrham Park.

Easter has been a bit of a bust for us; Mr J worked for almost the entire holiday and since the middle of last week, illness has been running through the family. Sadly, 0 eggs have been demolished this weekend, but we have spent a grand total of 8 hours in the waiting room of the emergency GP, though we did have the joy of meeting Dr. Wigglesworth (note to self; never laugh until you know for sure it's a joke). Thankfully, a few of us are almost back to full health, but Archie is still suffering with a nasty ear infection. It's even nicer to finish writing this post of our visit to Dyrham Park earlier this week just so I know that we were all healthy, once upon a time, and able to leave the house without sick bowls and calpol on standby.

You can take the bus or walk down to the actual house and gardens on arrival at Dyrham Park and as we'd missed the bus by minutes, we decided to walk; something I initially thought was a bad idea, but as you walk down the hill and see the house, it's a pretty breathtaking sight. There's also a gorgeous little paddling stream by the side of the path that Archie loved, and so much on the grounds to explore. Statues, trees that are perfect for climbing and the deers roam around by themselves so it's lovely to (not literally) bump into them as you wander.

The one rookie mistake we did make though, was to drag our pushchair and bags, full with picnic food, all the way down to the house, only to discover we should've taken a different direction to the kids area as we then had to climb a steep hill with two very small children in tow. After a crap load of moaning and whinging (mostly from myself), we made it up there and the view was almost worth it; it really is such a beautiful place.

The weather was so beautiful and we spent hours trudging around the grounds, playing on the park and walking around the lake. The cafe sells some gorgeous treats and we had so much fun, we ran out of time to even look around the house, but we did of course take a sneak peek at the orangery (or greenhouse? I'm not sure of the difference). It was pretty pricey entry so we'll probably end up signing up as NT members this year, but it was a great place to visit in the sunshine. Sadly, we're all currently stuck in the house with what seems like sickness after sickness, so I'm glad we actually visited when we could so I can look back and know it wasn't always bodily fluids and amoxicillin!

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