Weekly Round-Up: Christmas is Coming

We've had a busy couple of weeks leading up to December and I'm now starting to panic about the impending Christmas/Birthday saga. I really want to make sure Archie has an equally fantastic birthday and Christmas without one overshadowing the other, so I've been trying to think of ways we can make his birthday really special.

Archie looking up to Nanny Archie playing with Ginny

Archie and one of his BFFs, Ginny

I've now received most of Archie's birthday party decorations and have almost everything ready-to-go so I'm just as excited for Boxing Day as I am for Christmas Day - it's going to be a flipping busy week! I can't wait to write a post about it all but for now I'm going to keep the theme under wraps as a surprise for Archie's guests. Here's to making amazing memories (that he will almost immediately forget)..

3 weeks to go until my baby boy turns 1 and I've been reminiscing on my pregnancy and the last year. I'm sure I'll shed a few tears on the day, as my baby boy is growing up so fast!

The Wonderoo nappy, in lilac Wonderoo logo close-up Wonderoo nappy in lilac

We also received a Wonderoo nappy in the post this week and have managed to try it out a couple of times and I love it. It's huge compared to all of my other one-size nappies so it seems much more comfortable on Archie (as he's a bigger boy) and he still has lots of room to grow. The inserts it comes with are huge, absorbent and dry semi-fast compared to other nappies, but my favourite part about this nappy is the lovely soft gathering around the leg. I haven't tried these at night yet but I'm definitely tempted - my new favourite pocket nappy.

Archie in the morning, before nursery Archie in the morning, before nursery Archie in the morning, before nursery

Archie has been poorly with a horrible, mucousy cough for a few weeks now, but in the past week it's started to worsen so he's been prescribed antibiotics. This time round he's been put on penicillin, or as we more fondly refer to it, banana medicine. He's just finished the course and seems to have improved (although still has a runny nose!), so he might finally be able to go back in his own room this week.

PS. We have now all contracted the disease, so stay well clear..

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