Archie Turns Two—A Birthday Special!

Archie's 24 Month Update

Oh, hi! Wow, I feel as if it's been months since I last blogged. December's always extremely busy for us what with it not only being Christmas, but A's birthday too, but this year he was quite poorly at the beginning of the month, and then I was really sick, and then Daddy, Nanny & Grandad all caught it too, so we've all been lying low, forcing ourselves to recover for the big day.

Thankfully, we were all somewhat ok, and able to celebrate together in the end. The important thing is that A was completely over the germs and was his usual extremely active self. Honestly, he's been completely overwhelmed by the generosity, and by the celebrations and parties and I'm a little relieved it's all over so we can now finally relax in anticipation for 2016!

Archie's 24 Month Update

A's speech comes on in leaps and bounds every month; I couldn't list all of the things he now says because there's too much and he's spurting out new stuff every day. He's also started stringing words together and it always takes me by surprise to hear him put a sentence together out of nowhere! He's listening to us and understanding really well, almost having mini conversations with his brother, Fin. The best thing about this year is the fact that he's been really excitedly and constantly chattering about his birthday, so it's exciting to know he does sort-of know what's been going on!


Pretty average! He's been in our room for alot of the month (in his cot) as he's been under the weather but his sleep was never hugely affected. Bar a few nights staying up late over Christmas and being seriously too excited to sleep, he's been his usual self; sleeping 12 hours a night and napping throughout the day. The only change I've spotted is that we're starting to push his nap later in the day as he's been getting up slightly later than usual in the mornings (woo!).


Of course, he's wonderful, generally happy and lovely, but he's also being a stroppy little git! The terrible two's are most certainly here and he can whinge like the best of them if he doesn't get his own way. Christmas has been a challenge, as if he sniffs out a piece of chocolate from anywhere (he has a sixth sense, I swear) and it's taken away, he will hit a full-blown tantrum. It's clear he's been overwhelmed with the changes in routine but all-in-all I'm just happy to see him active and healthy after the month we've had!


Pretty fussy again. He went through a stage of eating not alot (due to sickness), and he's rarely the biggest of eaters. He tends to be really hungry in the mornings, and not-so-much throughout the afternoons. He's rarely weighed anymore but he certainly doesn't look too skinny so I figure he's getting what he needs. Of course, he'd eat his own body weight in sweets & chocolate so that doesn't apply here.


Since my cousin told me her little boy was potty trained by the age of 2 the other day, I've felt the pressure. Honestly, I haven't been at all worried about A, even when people keep asking if I've started training yet. Though I haven't a clue what I'm doing, I honestly feel as if it will naturally come and isn't something to be forced. I'll probably start to introduce him to the potty early next year but I've no idea how he'll take to it, tips please!

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