Archie | 27 months

Archie's 27 Month Update - Toddler standing at top of climbing frame, portrait shot with Nikon D3300

Ah, I'm so late with A's update this month but it's finally here. I'm amazed I've managed to roll it out before he turns 28 months but better late than never. We've had a few ups & downs this month and a hell of alot of development (probably explains it).

Archie's 27 Month Update - Toddler playing with Nuby UK letters and numbers Archie's 27 Month Update - Toddler playing with Nuby UK letters and numbers

Who exactly had the grand idea of moving the clocks forward and back twice a year? Because I would like to hand my child's bedtime routine over to them for a while; I'm pretty sure that'd having them exclaiming how terrible an idea it is. Archie was going to bed and sleeping great (though he does end up in our bed in the night a few times a week), until the blasted clocks changed and now we're having a few minor issues. We've hauled out the blackout blind once again, and have had to put him down later to ensure he's tired enough to want to sleep, though even then he's getting upset and isn't as happy to drift off as he was before.

Of course, once those issues were ironed out, he came down with a horrible virus and ended up in our bed almost every night for a week so we're just trying to get him out of that habit (though it's difficult because I kind of love him being there; I'm just terrified of how crowded it will be when baby #2 arrives!).

Archie's 27 Month Update - Toddler playing with cardboard box wearing Batman pyjamas Archie's 27 Month Update - Funny toddler conversations at Hello Archie Archie's 27 Month Update - Toddler close-up macro of eyelashes Nikon D3300

This month, we've somehow been thrown head-first into potty training without even planning to! A has never shown an interest in using the potty or let us know when he needs to do a #1 or #2 so I strongly felt as if we'd know when he was ready, and was happy to wait for him to lead us. Then last weekend, he found the potty, brought it out, stripped off, sat on it and had a wee all on his own! I was in complete shock that he even knew what to do and he absolutely loved the praise.

So, since then we've been following his lead; some days he'll want his nappy on, other days he wants his nappy off and will use the potty quite happily for most of the day. He did his first poo in the potty on Easter Sunday and after we'd gone upstairs to empty it and brought it back down, he immediately ran to the potty to poo again, bless him. He clearly had needed to go, but knew to wait until we'd brought the potty back down; both Mr J and I have been completely taken aback at how naturally he's taken to using it. Unfortunately, since he's been poorly, he seems to have lost interest so we haven't been forcing the issue. I'm not too worried about really starting it with him until Summer when it's a tad warmer!

A's speech continues to come on leaps & bounds every month and I couldn't even list everything he says/does here; he's at the stage where he's picking up everything so we're really having to watch our language. I was frustratedly searching for something the other day saying 'Oh great!!' and he copied my words and my expression perfectly! He also loves singing songs, knows his colours really well, is starting to count (though tends to skip a few numbers) and can express to us the majority of what he's feeling/thinking.


Hmm, different! Though he hasn't had as many major strops and we're learning how to get him out of them with as little collateral damage as possible, he's still had some that just come out of nowhere! He can have tantrums for the oddest things and we're dealing with them by sitting him down and talking to him, as opposed to any punishment such as the naughty step (I just think he's too young for that). Otherwise, he's been great and his usual extremely active self.

Archie's 27 Month Update - Toddler playing with Nuby UK letters and numbers Archie's 27 Month Update - Toddler playing with Nuby UK letters and numbers Archie's 27 Month Update - Toddler playing with Nuby UK letters and numbers

A's still adjusting to become a big brother and hasn't quite warmed up to the idea of the baby yet! Though he constantly points out babies on the street, when I tell him there's one in Mummy's belly he's not all that happy about it. He's a massive Mummy's boy so I know he's going to struggle with sharing me. We're trying to work on it though and get him used to staying with Nanny & Grandad (who he loves; all we hear is 'Nanny, Da-dad!!'); I really don't want to be concerned with leaving him when we go into the hospital with baby #2. I've decided to buy some books for him about a new baby as I think it'll be the easiest way to ease him into the idea, so if anyone has any recommendations, I'd love to hear them?

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