Archie | 26 months

Archie's 26 Month Update

The terrible two's have well and truly hit us full-force this month; Archie has been such a little terror at times and he's suddenly so much stronger (I've never experienced a challenge like getting a coat and shoes on a toddler who 'does not want coat and shoes')! We're having to start to really pay attention to how we react to A's tantrums in the hopes of teaching him right from wrong, but I'm not really sure if it's sinking in yet.

Archie's 26 Month Update Archie's 26 Month Update Archie's 26 Month Update

You can probably get a better idea of Archie's sleeping habits over the past month by reading this post I recently wrote - What To Do When Your Toddler Replaces Sleeping With Screaming, but thankfully things are improving. Things are by no means perfect, but he is usually sound asleep by 7:30pm with minimal effort on our part so we really can't complain.


As far as I can tell, A is progressing well; I'm certainly not worried about his development, though the health visitor decided not to turn up for his 2 year review this month which I was quite disappointed about. Though I heard from someone that they expected her two year old to be able to dress himself, jeans, tops, socks, the works, and A can barely pull a hat on his head, so I was a little confused about that - it's certainly not something I expect of him right now.

His speech is coming on, and just this evening he's started singing and mimicking the pirate song from Swashbuckle (he's particularly cute when he swings his arm and says arr-harr!). He's also started putting a tonne of words together over the last few days and he seems so close to sentences! Every morning he has a biscuit with his milk and he's been running into our room saying 'biscuit milk downstairs!' so he's certainly getting there. Though he's picked up a bit of attitude recently, answering 'No way!' to our requests instead of just plain old no.

Archie's 26 Month Update Archie's 26 Month Update Archie's 26 Month Update

A has always been very active and excitable, and recently he just can't sit still! He constantly wants to run around, jump, discover, explore, which is fantastic, but also difficult when say, everyone's gathered for a nice meal. The only way we can get him to remain in his seat at all is by using toy cars as bribes and desperately searching for a nearby wifi connection (Netflix is our saviour!).


A's been starting to understand more about babies; we're getting him involved in our conversations about having a new brother or sister, and I've been using my doppler and asking him what he can hear to which he replies 'baby!', so I'm happier now that he's coming round to the idea. He's also been reading his Peppa Pig book about baby Alexander and points at the baby and mimics 'Wah! Wah!' so he obviously has an idea of what's to come.

A's been very clingy to me this month, and I think it's been to do with the baby. He seems to be always hanging from my neck or cuddling me or wanting me to read his books and tuck him in, and poor Daddy's been feeling left out! I know it's just a phase so I've been trying to enjoy the attention but I really want to ease any anxiety he might have of having a sibling. Any tips welcome!

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