Archie | 25 months

Archie's 25 Month Update

Archie's been two for a month now and it's been quite a whirlwind for us all, who knew that everything could change overnight? I feel like he's developed more in the past month than he has in the 6 months previous; with everything from sleep to development, we've been on an emotional rollercoaster this month. I'll start with the biggest change..

Archie's 23 Month Update Archie's 23 Month Update Archie's 23 Month Update

I'd say for almost a year, from age 1-2, Archie slept like a pro. We had bumps in the road from teething and illness but otherwise, he was pretty great. He'd fall asleep on his own and sleep from 7-6:30ish most nights. Honestly, I thought our sleep training days were over but quite literally the day he turned two, it all changed again!

Whereas before we were able to simply leave him in his cot at bedtime to fall asleep on his own (after a bit of chattering to himself), he suddenly started to scream hysterically as soon as we walked out of the door. When it didn't stop after a few nights, we realised we were probably going to have to try sleep training again, so we started with the gradual withdrawal method (where you stay with them until they're asleep but slowly edge away each night). It's taken a long time, and now we're at the point where we just stay at his door for a few minutes before leaving, BUT there's been a bit of a spanner thrown into the works..

Just as we were sorting out sleep, A started to climb out of his cot - and he's now pretty damn good at it. So, we'll tend to leave him for bed, but he'll keep climbing out of his cot (we have a big boy bed on the way) and running to the gate at the top of the stairs shouting "Hiya!" (it is pretty funny). The only way he'll settle is if we stay with him until he's exhausted, and then leave.

Though today we're putting a gate on his door (more for safety as on the landing he could easily climb the rails and fall), and his bed is due to arrive! So, I'll let you know next month how we got on..


A's speech has improved even more in the past month and he's started to talk in short sentences. He says "Thereheis" (yep, all as one word), whenever we ask him where someone is, and "yes peas" and "goodnight, Daddy" pretty clearly so he's certainly getting there. He's also starting to copy what we say regularly and I'm having to really watch my language (it's hard, I'm a swearer).

He's also taking so much more notice with the books we're reading him. Each Peach Pear Plum is one of his favourites and whereas before he'd simply sit and listen, he now points out who all of the characters are and where they're hiding and is inquisitive about what they're doing. He seems so much more aware than before; he loves a book we have about Peppa's baby cousin, and is so curious about the baby and when the baby's crying, it's really awesome to see his little brain doing some serious whirring (no wonder we've had sleep issues!).

Archie's 23 Month Update Archie's 23 Month Update

Much of the same really; A is generally a good eater, though he'll have days where he seems to eat hardly anything and is a fussy little thing. His favourite thing used to be sausages, now he won't touch them with a barge pole, and he used to hate eating chicken/pork and now he loves them! He loves broccoli which I'm happy about but hates carrots and potatoes. One day he'll demolish the whole of something only to stick his nose up at it the next, so it's really not consistent but he loves jelly, sweets and chocolate (of course).


In case you missed the big reveal, we're currently expecting another baby! I've been trying to share as much as possible with A and though he seemed reluctant to discuss it at first, I think he's coming round to the idea of having a little brother or sister. I can't wait for him to be able to feel the baby moving and of course, for them to meet.

A loves Toy Story, and Buzz is his favourite character. Every time he appears on screen, A gets all excited and starts shouting "Look, Buzz!!"; it's so, so cute, and awesome to see him taking such a liking to different characters now. We've also uncovered a love for domino's; he'll set up all his blocks and push them over to watch them all fall in a row, so I've bought him a HABA Domino Starter Pack that I think he's going to love.

We recently received a letter for A's 2 year development review and a huge questionnaire that I've barely looked at; I'm not concerned about his development though I glanced at one question 'Is he friendly with strangers?' and the answer is yes, too friendly! Not sure if that's bad or not (it obviously is in some ways) but he tries to get everyone's attention even if it means screaming 'HIYA!' in their face. My little man is definitely an extrovert..

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