Archie | 23 months

Archie's 23 Month Update

It's a few days late this month (it's been a really tough week), but A's 23 month update is finally here and all I can think is in less than one month, he'll not only be two but it'll be Christmas flippin' day! Two whole years since I pushed him out of there, how did that happen?

Archie's 23 Month Update

A's always improving his chatter and takes us by surprise alot, often coming out with words that we have no idea where he could've learnt them! A few favourites this month are: Purple, yellow, oh dear, good boy, 'uff 'oo (love you - so cute), baby (whilst pointing at any child, older than him or not), hello! and so much more than I can remember off of the top of my head. What's even more impressive is the way he talks, and how much clearer his pronunciation is getting.


Bit weird this month! Not horrendous, but having a few odd wake-ups and issues going to bed (though not consistently) - we recently spotted a couple of teeth coming through so that could be contributing, and he's also come down with a horrible cough and virus over the past few days so that certainly hasn't helped! Naps are a bit inconsistent now too; he'll always have at least 90 minutes, and less ocasionally than before, 2-3 hours.


A's a loving little lad; he's always cuddling and kissing us (Mummy especially, at the moment!), and he absolutely loves other children, regardless of how old or young they are. He adores his cousins [see above] and is always shouting hiii! in little Aiden's face [his 6 months younger cousin, pictured with him above]. Not that it stops him being a right little monkey at times, he's definitely been pushing boundaries this month and it's clear he knows exactly when he's doing wrong!


Same as usual really; he's a good eater at times, but he has his off days, especially since he's been teething/ill, though this month we have a fabulous food-related story that we'll certainly be reciting at his 18th birthday! This month, A managed to shove a pea up his nose, yep. *facepalm* After 5 hours in A&E, we were sent home because they couldn't reach it and asked to come back the following day. Though they weren't concerned, it wasn't the best night's sleep I've had; I was so worried he was going to inhale or choke on it in the night, but it was still firmly lodged in position the following morning.

Whilst waiting for the call to go back to the hospital, I kept telling him to 'do piggy', which means he makes a snorting noise, and also unintentionally blows his nose. After getting him to constantly blow for 15 or so minutes whilst holding the other nostril shut, the pea finally came flying out! I can't even express the immense relief I felt at that point; I never thought a day my son didn't have a pea stuck up his nose could be such a wonderful day..

Archie's 23 Month Update

Paw Patrol, Teletubbies, technology (he can quite easily navigate an iphone/ipad to youtube/games and use it), drawing, dictating, grapes, staying up late, his dinosaur + winnie comforter, reading (or being read to), doggies!, planes (it amazes me how he'll pick up on the sound and immediately point to a plane miles up high), nursery.

Next month is going to be a hectic one but I'm really excited for A to turn two and to celebrate Christmas with the family, it just can't come quick enough! Check out our recent Christmas haul to see some of my favourite festive bits purchased so far (somehow I'm organised this year).

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